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Luke Fiso

Luke Fiso Age


Luke Fiso Height

176 cm

Luke Fiso Weight

90 kg

Luke Fiso Country

New Zealand

Luke Fiso Croosfit box

Thorndon CrossFit

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Early Life and Background of Luke Fiso

Luke Fiso’s journey into the world of CrossFit is a tale of self-determination and resilience. Hailing from Wellington, New Zealand, Fiso’s initial foray into sports was dominated by high school track and rugby, where he showcased considerable talent. Despite his success in these sports, Fiso carried a sense of self-consciousness, feeling a constant need to prove his worth. This drive propelled him into various sports, yet it wasn’t until a severe rugby concussion led him to reconsider his athletic pursuits. It was this pivotal moment that steered Fiso towards CrossFit, a decision that would redefine his career and personal life.

Luke Fiso’s CrossFit Journey

Luke Fiso’s CrossFit journey is a testament to his dedication and self-teaching abilities. Beginning his CrossFit training in a less-than-ideal gym environment, Fiso faced challenges from the outset. He navigated these by studying Olympic lift techniques through YouTube and emulating the workouts of CrossFit champions like Rich Froning. Despite facing resistance and a lack of understanding from the gym staff, Fiso’s passion for CrossFit only grew stronger. His determination saw him transition from a self-taught athlete in a global gym to a recognized figure in the CrossFit community, eventually opening his own box, Thorndon CrossFit, and becoming a national champion.

Competitive Achievements of Luke Fiso

Luke Fiso’s competitive record is impressive, highlighting his evolution as a CrossFit athlete. With multiple appearances at the CrossFit Games, including a noteworthy participation in 2019, Fiso has consistently proven his skills on a global stage. His journey from being New Zealand’s fittest man multiple times to competing among the world’s elite in CrossFit showcases his relentless improvement and commitment to the sport. Fiso’s achievements extend beyond individual competitions, contributing significantly to the CrossFit community and inspiring athletes worldwide with his resilience and dedication.

Personal Life and Influence

Off the competitive floor, Luke Fiso is a figure of inspiration and leadership within the CrossFit community. As the owner of Instinct Fitness, Fiso extends his passion for CrossFit by fostering a supportive and inclusive environment for athletes of all levels. His role as a Well Being Contracting Coach further exemplifies his commitment to promoting fitness and wellness, not just as a competitor but as a mentor. Fiso’s journey from a sports enthusiast to a CrossFit icon underscores the profound impact he has on those around him, encouraging a holistic approach to health and fitness.

Luke Fiso benchmarks

Squat: 220 kg
Clean: 162 kg
Snatch: 132 kg
Deadlift: 250 kg
Fran: 118 s
Grace: 80 s
Helen: 423 s
Sprint 400m: 45 s
Run 5k: 1195 s
Max Pull-ups: 80 reps

Luke Fiso stats

Individual Quarterfinal 202355793%7963Men
Open 202347099%169449Men
Individual Quarterfinals 202268725%7274Men
Open 2022558796%154815Men
Torian Pro 2021583%30Men
Individual Quarterfinals 202110898%8011Men
Open 20217299%137461Men
Last-Chance Qualifier 20211741%29Men
Open 20206399%133874Men
Games 20195263%144Men
Open 20198399%195562Men
Pacific 20181075%40Men
Open 201812999%227562Men
Pacific 20173512%40Men
Open 20172799%214519Men
Pacific 20161660%40Men
Open 20164099%178510Men
Pacific 20153317%40Men
Open 201531399%153272Men
Open 2014131598%80284Men

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