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Lazar Đukić

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Lazar Đukić Height

182 cm

Lazar Đukić Weight

93 kg

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Lazar Đukić Croosfit box

Nero CrossFit

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Early Life and Background of Lazar Đukić

Lazar Đukić, a name that has become synonymous with resilience in the CrossFit community, has an athletic background rooted in water polo. His journey into sports began in Serbia, a nation passionate about basketball and water polo. Lazar initially chose water polo, a path that would eventually lead him to CrossFit. However, his shift to CrossFit occurred during a stint in the United States, where he worked as a lifeguard while studying. It was here that Đukić’s roommate introduced him to CrossFit through the Hero workout Murph, marking the beginning of his CrossFit journey.

Lazar Đukić’s CrossFit Journey

Lazar’s foray into CrossFit was not without its challenges. After being introduced to the sport in the U.S., he returned to Serbia, a country with no CrossFit boxes at the time. Determined, Lazar purchased equipment and began training at home. His dedication was evident from the start, as he quickly excelled in local competitions, finishing second in his first-ever event. Lazar’s consistent efforts led him to become a six-time Serbia National Champion, a testament to his skill and commitment to the sport.

Competitive Achievements of Lazar Đukić

Lazar’s competitive spirit and relentless training have earned him significant accolades in the CrossFit arena. Notably, he chose 2021 as his rookie year at the CrossFit Games, where he made a remarkable debut by finishing 9th overall, a stellar achievement for any athlete in their first year. Lazar’s performance didn’t go unnoticed; he was applauded globally for his impressive showing. In addition, he has been a consistent performer in subsequent seasons, including a strong showing at the 2023 NOBULL CrossFit Games, where he demonstrated his prowess by climbing up the leaderboard impressively.

Personal Life of Lazar Đukić

Aside from his athletic endeavors, Lazar’s personal life is closely tied to CrossFit. He introduced his brother, Luka, to the sport, fostering a healthy sibling rivalry that pushed both to excel. Their bond extends beyond competition; they support each other in training while acknowledging their individual strengths and training needs. Lazar’s influence extends beyond his immediate family; he aims to inspire and coach upcoming Serbian athletes in CrossFit, hoping to pave the way for future generations in a country where the sport was once unknown.


Lazar Đukić’s journey from a water polo player in Serbia to a celebrated CrossFit athlete on the global stage is a story of determination and passion. His rise in the CrossFit community, marked by significant competitive achievements and a deep personal connection to the sport, illustrates the power of dedication and the impact of introducing new disciplines to communities. Lazar Đukić’s story is not just about personal triumph; it’s about inspiring a nation and contributing to the growth of CrossFit as a sport worldwide.

Lazar Đukić benchmarks

Squat: 190 kg
Clean: 160 kg
Snatch: 126 kg
Deadlift: 240 kg

Lazar Đukić stats

Games 2023977%40Men
Europe Semifinal 2023198%60Men
Individual Quarterfinal 20231299%7963Men
Open 202314699%169449Men
CrossFit Games 2022880%40Men
CrossFit Lowlands Throwdown 2022196%30Men
Individual Quarterfinals 20221499%7274Men
Open 202227399%154815Men
Games 2021977%40Men
CrossFit German Throwdown 2021293%31Men
Individual Quarterfinals 20218698%8011Men
Open 20213499%137461Men
Open 202036099%133874Men
Open 201916299%195562Men
Europe 2018880%40Men
Open 201818199%227562Men
Open 2017135199%214519Men

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