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[display_age_from_date birthdate="1994-04-25"]

Laura Gonzalez-Marin Height

67 in

Laura Gonzalez-Marin Weight

148 lb

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Introduction to Laura Gonzalez-Marin

Laura Gonzalez-Marin is a remarkable figure in the CrossFit community, known for her resilience and determination. Overcoming personal challenges and transforming them into triumphs on the CrossFit stage, Laura has become an inspiration for many. Her journey from battling eating disorders to becoming a top athlete in Venezuela highlights her strength and dedication to her health and sport.

Early Life and Background of Laura Gonzalez-Marin

Laura faced significant health risks in her youth, including a battle with anorexia, which was a source of concern for her family and teachers in Venezuela. Despite being near a critical health crisis, she began to recognize the seriousness of her condition and took steps to address it. Laura’s early struggles with body image and health set the stage for a remarkable transformation through CrossFit.

Laura Gonzalez-Marin’s CrossFit Journey

At the age of 19, following the tragic loss of her brother, Laura found solace and strength in CrossFit. It became a pivotal point in her life, changing her perspective on health, fitness, and well-being. Dominick Maurici, the owner of Caution CrossFit, noticed her potential and encouraged her to pursue competitive CrossFit, marking the beginning of her journey from recovery to elite athleticism.

Competitive Achievements of Laura Gonzalez-Marin

Laura’s CrossFit career is highlighted by her performances in regional and international competitions. She has notably placed 2nd and 7th in Miami-based CrossFit competitions, such as the Crush Games, and participated in Wodapalooza, a prominent South Florida fitness competition. Her achievements in the CrossFit arena are a testament to her hard work, including a significant rank improvement in the South East region of CrossFit competitions.

Personal Life and Triumphs of Laura Gonzalez-Marin

Today, Laura stands as a beacon of resilience and strength, having overcome eating disorders and personal loss through her commitment to CrossFit. Training up to six hours a day, her dedication has transformed her life, making her a role model for many. Beyond her athletic prowess, Laura is passionate about coaching and inspiring others in their fitness journeys, sharing her story to motivate those facing similar challenges.

Laura’s story is not just about her achievements in CrossFit but also about her journey of mental and physical recovery, showcasing the power of sport as a means of overcoming personal obstacles. Her dedication to helping others and sharing her experiences makes her an invaluable member of the CrossFit community.

Laura Gonzalez-Marin benchmarks

Squat: 305 lb
Clean: 250 lb
Deadlift: 405 lb
Grace: 89 sec
Snatch: 200 lb

Laura Gonzalez-Marin stats

Open 202310972117%132782Women
CrossFit Copa Sur 20221453%30Women
Individual Quarterfinals 202228594%5279Women
Open 202212299%122177Women
Brazil CrossFit Championship 20211936%30Women
Individual Quarterfinals 202112197%5936Women
Open 20218499%108644Women
Open 202015799%94157Women
Games 20191208%131Women
Open 201912199%146363Women
Atlantic 20182440%40Women
Open 20187899%171976Women
Atlantic 20172830%40Women
Open 201715199%159565Women
Open 201643299%130154Women
Open 2015277897%108764Women
Open 20142746147%52076Women

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