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Lara Erlank

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168 cm

Lara Erlank Weight

142 lb

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Diablo CrossFit

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Early Life and Background of Lara Erlank

Lara Erlank’s journey began far from the CrossFit boxes she now frequents. Born in Namibia, she spent her childhood in Cape Town before globetrotting to Singapore, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. Her academic pursuits led her to UCLA, where she not only earned a degree in Psychology and Comparative Literature but also a personal training certification. This foundation set the stage for her eventual dive into the world of competitive CrossFit, intertwining her passion for health, fitness, and holistic well-being.

CrossFit Journey of Lara Erlank

Lara’s CrossFit journey is a testament to her resilience and dedication. Initially coaching at and competing for Paradiso CrossFit, she made her mark at the 2013 Reebok CrossFit Games Affiliate Cup competition. However, her journey was not without its challenges. After the Games, she returned to Africa to be closer to family and to pursue a master’s in public health at the University of Cape Town. Despite facing obstacles like a torn meniscus and a hiatus from CrossFit due to limited access to equipment in Namibia, Lara’s competitive spirit never waned. She eventually won the Walvis Strongman Competition in Namibia before moving to Cape Town, South Africa. There, she began following Christian Oman’s advanced athlete programming at Cape CrossFit, aiming to refine her technique and build a stronger foundation.

Competitive Achievements of Lara Erlank

Lara’s competitive track record is impressive, with a noteworthy performance at the 2019 CrossFit Games, where she represented Namibia. She has consistently improved her standings over the years, with a particularly strong showing in the 2021 season. Her achievements include finishing 22nd at the Fittest in Cape Town and 30th in the Individual Quarterfinals, demonstrating her skill and determination. Lara’s background in various sports and her ability to excel across different CrossFit events highlight her versatility and commitment to the sport.

Personal Life and Pursuits of Lara Erlank

Outside the box, Lara is equally committed to her academic and professional development. After completing her master’s degree, she obtained CrossFit L-3 trainer and nutrition coach certifications, among multiple other fitness certifications. Currently, she leverages her extensive experience and passion for health and fitness as a Premium Health Coach at Wild Health. Lara’s journey from a global traveler to a CrossFit competitor and health advocate exemplifies her multifaceted approach to life, balancing rigorous training with a dedication to holistic health and fitness.

Lara Erlank benchmarks

Squat: 255 lb
Clean: 175 lb
Snatch: 135 lb
Deadlift: 300 lb
Fran: 157 s
Grace: 133 s
Run 5k: 1232 s
Fight Gone Bad: 439 reps
Max Pull-ups: 48 reps

Lara Erlank stats

Open 20223470971%122177Women
CrossFit Fittest in Cape Town 20212224%29Women
Individual Quarterfinals 2021113880%5936Women
Open 2021179798%108644Women
Games 20198932%131Women
Open 2019101199%146363Women
Open 20182429585%171976Women
Open 2017181198%159565Women
Open 2016108699%130154Women
Open 2015150698%108764Women
Africa 2014877%36Women
Open 2014132097%52076Women
Open 201343098%32643Women
Open 2011161364%4506Women

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