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Kristen Lim

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163 cm

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147 lb

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Early Life and Background of Kristen Lim

Kristen Lim embarked on her CrossFit journey in 2014, shortly after graduating from high school. Her initial motivation was to find a fitness regime that could help her maintain her weight following a successful diet program. A local CrossFit affiliate opening in her neighborhood presented the perfect opportunity, despite Lim’s initial unfamiliarity with CrossFit. Her background in gymnastics drew her to the sport, setting the stage for a deep and enduring passion for CrossFit.

Kristen Lim’s CrossFit Journey

Lim’s CrossFit career began with a spur-of-the-moment decision to join a local affiliate, driven by her enjoyment of gymnastics included in CrossFit workouts. Her dedication quickly led to her competing in her first event, where she became hooked on the competitive and community aspects of CrossFit. Partnering with fellow CrossFitters, Lim co-founded Avant Garde CrossFit in Mandaluyong, contributing to the growing CrossFit scene in the Philippines which began around 2009.

Competitive Achievements of Kristen Lim

Kristen Lim has shown remarkable progress in CrossFit competitions since her debut. Starting from 41st place in her first year entering the CrossFit Open, she ascended the ranks to become the top female CrossFit athlete in the Philippines, ensuring her spot as a national representative at the CrossFit Games. Lim’s dedication is evident in her training regimen, where she trains six days a week for two to four hours each day. Her journey to the CrossFit Games represents years of hard work, patience, and a commitment to improving as an athlete.

Personal Life of Kristen Lim

Aside from her competitive achievements, Kristen Lim focuses on a healthy, balanced diet without strictly weighing food or counting macronutrients, allowing for indulgence in sweets occasionally. Her approach to training and diet underscores her holistic view of fitness and health, emphasizing the importance of balance and well-being in the life of a high-level athlete.

Kristen Lim benchmarks

Squat: 250 lb
Clean: 215 lb
Snatch: 175 lb
Deadlift: 330 lb
Fran: 230 s
Grace: 181 s
Helen: 722 s
Sprint 400m: 120 s
Run 5k: 1966 s
Fight Gone Bad: 334 reps
Max Pull-ups: 10 reps

Kristen Lim stats

Individual Quarterfinal 202355083%5710Women
Open 2023874893%132782Women
Open 2021327796%108644Women
Open 2020134098%94157Women
Games 20196848%131Women
Open 201945999%146363Women
Open 2018269098%171976Women
Open 2017284398%159565Women
Open 2016908993%130154Women
Open 2015null0%108764Women

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