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172 cm

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145 lb

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Introduction to Krista Kraskura

Krista Kraskura is a dedicated and inspiring CrossFit athlete hailing from Latvia, known for her commitment to the sport and her impressive performances in CrossFit competitions. Despite the lack of related keywords found, her journey through CrossFit speaks volumes about her determination and athletic prowess.

Early Life and Background of Krista Kraskura

Specific details about Krista Kraskura’s early life and how she came into CrossFit are scarce, but like many athletes in the CrossFit community, it’s clear that her journey is marked by a strong dedication to improving her fitness and competing at a high level. Originating from Latvia, Krista has become a significant figure in her country’s CrossFit scene.

Krista Kraskura’s CrossFit Journey

Krista’s CrossFit journey is a testament to her hard work and dedication to the sport. Over the years, she has shown remarkable progress and determination, participating in various CrossFit competitions and consistently improving her standings. Her participation in the CrossFit Open over the years has shown a steady improvement, reflecting her commitment to the sport.

Competitive Achievements of Krista Kraskura

Krista has made notable strides in CrossFit competitions, marking her presence felt on both national and international stages. Her competitive achievements include a commendable performance at the 2019 CrossFit Games, where she finished 121st overall, showcasing her skills and determination against some of the best athletes in the world. Additionally, her performances in the CrossFit Open, particularly being ranked 4th in Latvia in 2022, highlight her status as a top competitor in her country.

Personal Life of Krista Kraskura

While much of Krista Kraskura’s personal life remains private, her achievements and journey in CrossFit are publicly celebrated. As an athlete who has represented Latvia with pride, her dedication to CrossFit goes beyond just personal gains, inspiring a community and a nation. Her journey is a reminder of the discipline, perseverance, and passion required to excel in such a demanding sport.

For more detailed statistics and information on Krista Kraskura’s CrossFit career, you can visit her athlete profile on the CrossFit Games website and other CrossFit-focused media outlets.

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Krista Kraskura stats

Open 20233493673%132782Women
Individual Quarterfinals 2022279946%5279Women
Open 2022669194%122177Women
Open 20212181679%108644Women
Open 2020183798%94157Women
Games 20191217%131Women
Open 2019215498%146363Women
Open 2017616296%159565Women
Open 20161046091%130154Women

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