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187 cm

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95 kg

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Early Life and Background of Kevin Manuel

Kevin Manuel, a name synonymous with CrossFit in New Zealand, has a background that combines dedication, family values, and a love for the sport. Beyond his achievements in the fitness arena, Kevin is a devoted husband, father of two, and a business owner. His journey into the world of CrossFit is marked by a competitive streak and a passion for the sport that he describes as a fundamental part of his life.

Kevin Manuel’s CrossFit Journey

Kevin’s CrossFit journey is a testament to his relentless work ethic and determination. He started making his mark in regional competitions, which paved the way for his qualification to the CrossFit Games. Kevin’s CrossFit career took a significant turn in 2015 when he became the first male individual athlete from New Zealand to qualify for and compete in the CrossFit Games in Carson City, California. This achievement was the culmination of four years of regional competition, highlighting his dedication and persistence.

Competitive Achievements of Kevin Manuel

Kevin’s performance at the 2015 CrossFit Games was nothing short of remarkable. As a rookie, he managed to secure a 17th place finish among the top 80 fittest men and women in the world, a significant achievement that placed him on the global CrossFit map. His journey to the Games was marked by a notable performance in the Pacific Regional in Australia, where a second-place finish in the final workout propelled him to qualify for the Games. This accomplishment was a dream come true for Kevin, embodying his hard work, resilience, and the competitive spirit that defines his approach to CrossFit.

Personal Life of Kevin Manuel

Off the competitive floor, Kevin’s life revolves around his family and business. Returning home from competitions, he values the time spent with family and friends and the normalcy of getting back to work. His experience at the CrossFit Games has not only enriched his competitive spirit but also provided valuable lessons that he carries into his training and preparation for future competitions. Kevin’s story is a powerful narrative of balancing the demands of high-level competition with the responsibilities of personal life, making him a relatable and inspiring figure within the CrossFit community.

Through his journey, Kevin Manuel has not only made significant strides on the competition floor but has also become a symbol of perseverance, dedication, and balance. His story continues to inspire many within and outside the CrossFit community, making him a notable figure in the sport’s history.

Kevin Manuel benchmarks

Squat: 205 kg
Clean: 160 kg
Snatch: 130 kg
Deadlift: 240 kg
Fran: 136 s
Grace: 106 s
Fight Gone Bad: 412 reps
Max Pull-ups: 55 reps

Kevin Manuel stats

Open 202057699%133874Men
Open 201955599%195562Men
Open 20182730088%227562Men
Open 201743899%214519Men
Pacific 2016782%40Men
Open 201630299%178510Men
Games 20151757%40Men
Pacific 2015490%40Men
Open 201523299%153272Men
Australia 2014589%47Men
Open 201427599%80284Men
Australia 2013589%46Men
Open 201322599%52169Men
Open 201151494%8620Men

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