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Keshini Vitharana

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Keshini Vitharana Height

164 cm

Keshini Vitharana Weight

60 kg

Keshini Vitharana Country

Sri Lanka

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One United People CrossFit

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Introduction to Keshini Vitharana

Keshini Vitharana is a prominent figure in the CrossFit community, known for her dedication and remarkable achievements in the sport. Representing Sri Lanka, she has made significant strides on the international stage, showcasing her talent and commitment to CrossFit.

Early Life and Background of Keshini Vitharana

Before her journey into CrossFit began, Keshini was an athlete with a passion for fitness. Her early achievements include winning a bronze medal at the Rowing Nationals in 2011, illustrating her competitive spirit and dedication to sports from a young age.

Keshini Vitharana’s CrossFit Journey

Keshini’s CrossFit journey commenced in early 2015, marking the beginning of a transformative phase in her athletic career. Under the guidance and coaching of Andy Andrews at CrossFit Ceylon, she quickly progressed in the sport. Her dedication was evident as she improved her skills and strength, eventually leading her to compete at the highest levels of CrossFit.

Competitive Achievements of Keshini Vitharana

Keshini has participated in numerous CrossFit competitions, making a name for herself both locally and internationally. Her notable rankings include finishing 1st in Sri Lanka multiple times during the CrossFit Open, and representing her country at the 2019 CrossFit Games in Wisconsin, USA. This achievement not only highlighted her as a top athlete in Sri Lanka but also marked her as the first Sri Lankan to qualify for the games, finishing 128th in the women’s division.

Personal Life and Training Philosophy

Aside from her competitive achievements, Keshini’s journey is also a story of fighting misconceptions and inspiring others. She believes in the inclusivity of CrossFit, emphasizing that the sport is for everyone regardless of their current fitness level. Keshini and her coach have worked towards correcting misconceptions about CrossFit in Sri Lanka, advocating for its scientific basis and the gradual, earned progress in training. Her personal drive and passion for the sport have been pivotal in her success, alongside the support from her coach and the community at CrossFit Ceylon.


Keshini Vitharana’s story is a testament to the power of perseverance, dedication, and the right guidance in achieving greatness. As a trailblazer for CrossFit in Sri Lanka, she continues to inspire and motivate others to pursue their fitness journeys, breaking barriers and setting new benchmarks in the sport.

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Keshini Vitharana stats

Open 20221704886%122177Women
Open 20201503084%94157Women
Games 20191282%131Women
Open 20191627288%146363Women
Open 20182886783%171976Women
Open 20173334379%159565Women
Open 20165459958%130154Women

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