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Kari Pearce

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Kari Pearce Height

63 in

Kari Pearce Weight

139 lb

Kari Pearce Country

United states

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Early Life and Background of Kari Pearce

Born and raised in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Kari Pearce began her athletic journey at the tender age of 3 with gymnastics, a discipline she pursued for 18 years. Excelling in the sport, she later joined the Varsity Gymnastics team at the University of Michigan, where her team won four Big Ten Championships. Pearce didn’t stop there; she ventured into weightlifting and even tried her hand at bodybuilding before realizing that these sports did not fulfill her passion. With a degree in Movement Science from the University of Michigan, Pearce’s foundation in athletics was solid, setting her up for a successful transition into CrossFit​“【oaicite:11】“​​“【oaicite:10】“​.

Kari Pearce’s CrossFit Journey

Kari Pearce’s CrossFit journey commenced in November 2014 when she moved to New York City and was introduced to the sport by a gym owner who recognized her potential. Despite initial reluctance, her background in gymnastics and strength training quickly propelled her to the forefront of the sport. Within just six months of starting CrossFit, Pearce qualified for the East Regional event, marking the beginning of her illustrious career in CrossFit. Pearce’s dedication to training, often three times a day, and her balanced approach to nutrition played pivotal roles in her swift rise to success.

Competitive Achievements of Kari Pearce

Kari Pearce quickly made a name for herself in the CrossFit community, becoming a seven-time CrossFit Games athlete and four-time Fittest American Female. Her competitive spirit earned her the title of the third Fittest Woman on Earth in 2020. Throughout her career, Pearce participated in numerous CrossFit competitions around the globe, from Dubai to Switzerland and across the United States. Notably, she was part of the USA team at the CrossFit Invitational for two consecutive years (2016-2017) and won the “Most Improved” award at the 2016 CrossFit Games.

Personal Life and Power Abs Program

After an illustrious career in competitive CrossFit, culminating in her retirement announcement in 2021, Kari Pearce shifted her focus to her business venture, PowerAbs. The program, which draws from her 18 years of experience in gymnastics and her educational background, aims to help people achieve stronger and more aesthetically pleasing midsections. Pearce’s dedication to health and fitness extends beyond her own training; through her PowerAbs and PHIIT programs, she continues to inspire and guide others in their fitness journeys.

Kari Pearce benchmarks

Squat: 300 lb
Clean: 230 lb
Snatch: 200 lb
Deadlift: 400 lb

Kari Pearce stats

Games 2021377%40Women
CrossFit West Coast Classic 2021293%30Women
Individual Quarterfinals 20214699%5936Women
Open 20211699%108644Women
Games 2020390%30Women
Open 2020699%94157Women
Games 2019596%131Women
Open 2019899%146363Women
Games 2018685%40Women
East 2018295%40Women
Open 20182099%171976Women
Games 20171075%40Women
East 2017392%39Women
Open 2017299%159565Women
Games 2016587%40Women
East 2016489%39Women
Open 20161799%130154Women
Games 20152147%40Women
East 2015392%39Women
Open 201510899%108764Women

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