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Julian Alcaraz

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Julian Alcaraz Height

70 in

Julian Alcaraz Weight

197 lb

Julian Alcaraz Country

United States

Julian Alcaraz Croosfit box

Street Parking CrossFit

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Introduction to Julian Alcaraz

Julian Alcaraz is a renowned figure in the CrossFit community, best known for his significant contributions as a competitor and as a co-founder of Street Parking, a platform designed to make fitness accessible to everyone, especially those with busy schedules. Julian’s journey in CrossFit, combined with his passion for fitness, has made him a source of inspiration for many within the community.

Early Life and Background of Julian Alcaraz

Before stepping into the world of CrossFit, Julian Alcaraz was a self-proclaimed gym rat, actively engaged in circuit training, kettlebell workouts, and maintaining a high-intensity approach to fitness. His athletic background includes wrestling during his high school years, which laid a solid foundation for his future in competitive fitness.

Julian Alcaraz’s CrossFit Journey

Julian’s CrossFit journey is marked by his rapid ascent in the competitive scene, transitioning from a team competitor to a formidable individual athlete. In 2015, after switching boxes to train with well-known athletes Becca Voigt and Kris Clever at CrossFit Training Yard, Julian’s competitive edge sharpened. Under their mentorship and with a renewed focus on his mental game, Julian’s confidence and performance in competitions saw remarkable improvements. His training regimen, characterized by its diversity and intensity, includes strength, skill, lifting, and conditioning sessions, designed to keep him at peak performance.

Competitive Achievements of Julian Alcaraz

Julian’s competitive track record in CrossFit is impressive, with several notable placements in regional competitions and a strong showing at the CrossFit Games. His dedication was particularly evident in 2017 when he qualified for the CrossFit Games but chose to decline the invitation to be present for the birth of his child, demonstrating his commitment to family over competition. Julian’s achievements extend beyond the individual competitions, as he has also made significant contributions to the CrossFit community through Street Parking, further solidifying his legacy within the sport.

Personal Life of Julian Alcaraz

Off the competition floor, Julian’s life is equally inspiring. He co-founded Street Parking with Miranda Alcaraz, a platform that emerged from the couple’s desire to stay fit amidst a busy lifestyle. This venture not only reflects Julian’s entrepreneurial spirit but also his commitment to making fitness accessible and achievable for everyone. Julian’s personal life, marked by his role as a father and husband, intertwines closely with his professional endeavors, showcasing a balanced approach to life that many aspire to.

Through his journey in CrossFit, Julian Alcaraz has become a symbol of dedication, balance, and community in the fitness world. His story continues to motivate and encourage individuals to pursue their fitness goals, no matter their circumstances.

Julian Alcaraz benchmarks

Squat: 485 lb
Clean: 350 lb
Snatch: 275 lb
Deadlift: 537 lb
Fran: 144 s
Grace: 72 s
Run 5k: 1124 s
Max Pull-ups: 75 reps

Julian Alcaraz stats

Open 202330999%169449Men
Open 202111913913%137461Men
California 2017490%40Men
Open 20179899%214519Men
California 20161075%40Men
Open 201613599%178510Men
Games 20153512%40Men
California 2015490%40Men
Open 201510299%153272Men
Open 201414499%80284Men
Open 2013100998%52169Men
Open 2012131094%25027Men

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