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John-Paul Hethcock

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John-Paul Hethcock Height

70 in

John-Paul Hethcock Weight

192 lb

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United States

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SoGo CrossFit

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Early Life and Background of John-Paul Hethcock

John-Paul Hethcock, an active and fitness-focused individual from his early years, began his journey towards CrossFit during his time in the Marine Corps. His initial exposure to CrossFit occurred while he was watching the Games, specifically the obstacle course and Pendleton 1&2 events. This sparked his interest, and he started practicing CrossFit during his first deployment, developing a passion for the sport that has continued ever since.

John-Paul Hethcock’s CrossFit Journey

Hethcock’s CrossFit journey is marked by his dedication and rapid progression in the sport. After being introduced to CrossFit in the Marines, he fully embraced the discipline, eventually transitioning to coaching others in the sport. His commitment to fitness also led him to a career as a firefighter/EMT with Chesterfield Fire and EMS. Hethcock is known for his love of power cleans, muscle ups, and other active pursuits like mountain biking and shooting, embodying the spirit of a true CrossFit athlete.

Competitive Achievements of John-Paul Hethcock

John-Paul Hethcock’s ascent in the CrossFit world is nothing short of remarkable. He made a name for himself at the Mid-Atlantic CrossFit Challenge (MACC), where he won against seasoned CrossFit Games athletes. This victory was even more impressive considering he was a late addition to the competition, only learning about his participation a few days prior. His performance at the MACC earned him an invite to the 2019 CrossFit Games, where he showcased his exceptional skills and competitive spirit.

Personal Life of John-Paul Hethcock

Outside of his professional and athletic pursuits, Hethcock leads a balanced and active life. He is married to Tammy, and they both share a love for fitness and the outdoors. His favorite cheat meal is pizza, a testament to his relatable and down-to-earth personality. Hethcock’s approachability and willingness to help others make him a respected and admired figure both in his community and within the CrossFit world.

John-Paul Hethcock benchmarks

Squat: 440 lb
Clean: 345 lb
Snatch: 285 lb
Deadlift: 500 lb
Fran: 132 s
Max Pull-ups: 25 reps

John-Paul Hethcock stats

Open 2022127899%154815Men
Open 202124799%137461Men
Open 202030899%133874Men
Games 20194668%144Men
Open 201922399%195562Men
West 20182440%40Men
Open 201811799%227562Men
California 20171660%40Men
Open 201737999%214519Men
Open 2016344998%178510Men
Open 2015null0%153272Men

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