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Jessica Coughlan

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Jessica Coughlan Height

166 cm

Jessica Coughlan Weight

145 lb

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CrossFit NorWest

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Early Life and Background of Jessica Coughlan

Jessica Coughlan is a celebrated CrossFit athlete with a rich background in gymnastics and coaching. Her journey into the world of fitness and CrossFit began with her roots as a high-level gymnast. Jessica not only competed at an elite level but also shared her expertise as a gymnastics coach, guiding both beginners and elite athletes. Her dual role as a competitor and coach highlights her deep understanding of physical fitness and her ability to effectively communicate and provide feedback to her clients.

Jessica Coughlan’s CrossFit Journey

Jessica’s transition from gymnastics to CrossFit showcases her exceptional versatility and dedication to fitness. Her gymnastics background has significantly contributed to her prowess in CrossFit competitions, particularly in events that require gymnastic skills and bodyweight mastery. Jessica’s consistent performance in CrossFit Regionals, where she has never finished outside of the top ten, underscores her competitive spirit and commitment to the sport. Her work ethic and determination are evident in her efforts to secure a place at the CrossFit Games, reflecting her ambition to excel at the highest levels of the sport.

Competitive Achievements of Jessica Coughlan

Throughout her CrossFit career, Jessica Coughlan has made remarkable strides, achieving impressive ranks both in Australia and on the global stage. Her journey includes participating in the CrossFit Open, where she has consistently ranked within the top positions, including a notable 55th worldwide in 2023. Jessica has also excelled in the CrossFit Regionals and Semifinals, with standout performances that have secured her invitations to prestigious competitions. Her participation in the CrossFit Games as part of a team in 2019 and as an individual in 2017 highlights her adaptability and skill in both team and individual formats. Jessica’s strategic approach to competitions, including her preparation and focus on technical skills and strength, showcases her holistic approach to training and competition.

Personal Life

Beyond her athletic endeavors, Jessica Coughlan is known for her love for animals, being a mother to many fur children. This aspect of her life adds a personal touch to her profile, showing a side of her that values care and companionship. Jessica’s journey is not just about her achievements in CrossFit but also about her contributions to the community, particularly through her role in developing gymnastics programs for CrossFit athletes. Her involvement with CrossFit Norwest Annangrove, one of the first CrossFit affiliates in the country, and her dedication to enhancing fitness and community activities further illustrate her commitment to promoting a healthy and active lifestyle.

Jessica Coughlan benchmarks

Fran: 128 s
Grace: 143 s
Helen: 495 s
Max Pull-ups: 50 reps

Jessica Coughlan stats

Open 20235599%132782Women
Open 202213099%122177Women
Torian Pro 20211163%30Women
Individual Quarterfinals 202117597%5936Women
Open 202112599%108644Women
Open 20205899%94157Women
Open 20193799%146363Women
Pacific 2018685%40Women
Open 20181799%171976Women
Games 2017369%40Women
Pacific 2017585%35Women
Open 20173999%159565Women
Pacific 2016880%40Women
Open 201613299%130154Women
Pacific 201500%39Women
Open 20153499%108764Women
Australia 2014686%46Women
Open 20149199%52076Women
Australia 2013686%45Women
Open 201327399%32643Women
Australia 2012683%36Women
Open 20122899%14217Women
Open 201119895%4506Women

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