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Jelle Hoste

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[display_age_from_date birthdate="1995-06-24"]

Jelle Hoste Height

190 cm

Jelle Hoste Weight

98 kg

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CrossFit Kortrijk

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Early Life and Background of Jelle Hoste

Born on June 24, 1995, in Roeselare, Belgium, Jelle Hoste’s initial love for sports was evident in his early engagement with soccer, fitness, and running. However, judo was the sport that truly captured his heart. He dedicated over 14 years to judo, earning national titles and representing Belgium, all while balancing his studies.

Jelle Hoste’s CrossFit Journey

Jelle’s CrossFit adventure began in 2016 when CrossFit Kortrijk opened in his hometown. Initially joining out of curiosity, he quickly developed a passion for the sport. Just a month into his CrossFit experience, he entered his first competition. Despite a humble start, this was the spark that ignited his desire to excel in CrossFit. He had to adapt to CrossFit’s intensity, a transition eased by his previous athletic training. Throughout his journey, he has been a part of the No Shortcuts training camp, under the guidance of Games veteran Andre Houdet, which has been instrumental in his growth as an athlete.

Competitive Achievements of Jelle Hoste

Jelle Hoste’s competitive nature has led him to numerous victories in the Benelux region. His major breakthrough came in 2019 with a second-place finish at the French Throwdown in the RX category. The COVID-19 pandemic posed challenges, but Jelle converted his attic into a training space to continue his progress. He achieved a significant milestone at the Marseille Throwdown in 2021, winning silver. He then earned a third-place finish at the Madrid Championships, competing against professional athletes. In 2023, Jelle made a significant impact as a rookie at the CrossFit Games, securing the 10th spot globally. This remarkable achievement included a win in the “Cross Country 5k” and strong performances in other events.

Personal Life of Jelle Hoste

Outside the CrossFit box, Jelle balances his athletic career with a professional role as a senior IT consultant at Delaware. He believes this balance brings stability to his life. His long-term partnership with Reebok, starting from his early days in CrossFit, has been a major support in his career, allowing him more time to focus on training and competition preparation.

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Jelle Hoste stats

Games 20231075%40Men
Europe Semifinal 2023493%60Men
Individual Quarterfinal 202312498%7963Men
Open 202339299%169449Men
Individual Quarterfinals 202298486%7274Men
Open 202288699%154815Men
Individual Quarterfinals 202146594%8011Men
Open 202148399%137461Men
Open 202082099%133874Men
Open 2019183199%195562Men
Open 2017513497%214519Men

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