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Jeff Patzer

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66 in

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175 lb

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United States

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C2X CrossFit

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Early Life and Background of Jeff Patzer

Jeff Patzer’s journey into the world of CrossFit is a testament to his dedication and hard work. While specific details about his early life and how he got into CrossFit are not widely publicized, it’s evident through his achievements that Jeff has been deeply committed to the sport for many years. His consistent participation and improvement in CrossFit competitions highlight a background of rigorous training and a passion for the sport.

Jeff Patzer’s CrossFit Journey

Jeff Patzer has made significant strides in his CrossFit career, showcasing his talents and dedication across various competitions. He has been actively competing in the CrossFit Games since 2013, with his rankings showing steady improvement over the years. From finishing in the 8643rd place worldwide in 2013, Jeff has climbed the ranks to achieve notable positions in subsequent years, reflecting his growth and determination in the sport.

Competitive Achievements of Jeff Patzer

Jeff’s competitive achievements are impressive, with participation in the CrossFit Games highlighting his skill and endurance. In 2017, he competed as an individual at the CrossFit Games, finishing 34th, showcasing his ability to compete among the elite. Additionally, his performance in the California Regional in 2017, where he finished 5th, and his participation in the 2018 West Regional, finishing 17th, further demonstrate his competitive prowess. His performances in the CrossFit Open from 2013 to 2023, with significant improvements each year, illustrate his ongoing commitment to excellence in the sport.

Personal Life of Jeff Patzer

While much of Jeff Patzer’s personal life remains private, his public CrossFit records reflect a person of exceptional dedication and discipline. His journey from a humble beginning in CrossFit to becoming a recognized athlete in the community speaks volumes about his character and determination. Jeff continues to inspire many within the CrossFit community through his athletic achievements and dedication to the sport.

For more detailed information on Jeff Patzer’s CrossFit career, you can visit his CrossFit Games profile and his Fran Lung profile.

Jeff Patzer benchmarks

Squat: 445 lb
Clean: 325 lb
Snatch: 265 lb
Deadlift: 485 lb
Fran: 116 s
Grace: 99 s
Helen: 394 s
Fight Gone Bad: 352 reps

Jeff Patzer stats

Open 202390999%169449Men
Open 202222599%154815Men
Individual Quarterfinals 202126996%8011Men
Open 202114599%137461Men
Open 20208599%133874Men
West 20181757%40Men
Open 201822799%227562Men
Games 20173412%39Men
California 2017587%40Men
Open 20176699%214519Men
Open 201621199%178510Men
Open 201569799%153272Men
Open 2014396895%80284Men
Open 2013864383%52169Men

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