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Jason Smith

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Jason Smith Height

185 cm

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195 lb

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South Africa

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CrossFit Sunninghill

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Introduction to Jason Smith

Jason Smith, a renowned CrossFit athlete from South Africa, has made significant strides in the CrossFit community, showcasing exceptional skill, perseverance, and dedication. His journey through CrossFit has been marked by impressive achievements, making him a prominent figure in the sport.

Early Life and Background of Jason Smith

While specific details about Jason Smith’s early life are not widely publicized, his emergence as a top CrossFit athlete speaks volumes about his dedication to fitness and competition. Originating from South Africa, Smith has consistently represented his country on the global stage, embodying the spirit of CrossFit with every challenge he undertakes.

Jason Smith’s CrossFit Journey

Jason Smith’s CrossFit journey is a testament to hard work and determination. Making his rookie debut at the age of 33, Smith quickly made a name for himself by finishing 10th overall at the CrossFit Games, an achievement that earned him the title of 2017 Rookie of the Year. Over the years, Smith has participated in multiple CrossFit Games, demonstrating his growth and consistency in the sport.

Competitive Achievements of Jason Smith

Smith’s competitive record is impressive, with highlights including a 10th place finish at the CrossFit Games in 2017 and consistent performances in subsequent years. His achievements at the Africa Semifinal are particularly noteworthy, where he dominated the competition by winning events and securing top finishes across various tests. Smith’s benchmark stats, such as a 450 lb back squat, 345 lb clean and jerk, and a 2:29 Fran time, showcase his strength and versatility as an athlete.

Personal Life of Jason Smith

In his personal life, Jason Smith is not just a competitor but also a source of inspiration and advice for aspiring athletes. In interviews, he has shared insights into his training regimen, his approach to overcoming weaknesses, and his thoughts on the evolution of CrossFit as a sport. Smith’s determination to excel and his willingness to work on his weaknesses are qualities that many in the CrossFit community admire and aspire to emulate.

Jason Smith’s journey in CrossFit is a blend of competitive success and personal growth. His achievements in the sport and his approach to training and competition provide valuable lessons for athletes and fans alike. As Smith continues to compete and contribute to the CrossFit community, his legacy as a dedicated and skilled athlete only grows stronger.

Jason Smith benchmarks

Squat: 450 lb
Clean: 345 lb
Snatch: 295 lb
Deadlift: 550 lb
Fran: 149 s
Grace: 80 s
Filthy 50: 1293 s
Sprint 400m: 65 s
Run 5k: 1170 s
Fight Gone Bad: 436 reps
Max Pull-ups: 45 reps

Jason Smith stats

Games 202300%40Men
Africa Semifinal 2023196%30Men
Age Group Quarterfinal 20235896%1742Men (35-39)
Individual Quarterfinal 202350493%7963Men
Open 20236799%34684Men (35-39)
CrossFit Fittest in Cape Town 2022293%29Men
Individual Quarterfinals 20229998%7274Men
Open 202233899%154815Men
Games 20212635%40Men
CrossFit Fittest in Cape Town 2021196%29Men
Individual Quarterfinals 202120197%8011Men
Open 202126499%137461Men
Online Qualifier 202013731%200Men (35-39)
Open 20205499%133874Men
Games 20192979%144Men
Online Qualifier 201915124%200Men (35-39)
Open 2019199%39540Men (35-39)
Meridian 2018782%40Men
Open 20183499%227562Men
Games 20171074%39Men
Meridian 2017392%40Men
Open 20173699%214519Men
Meridian 2016880%40Men
Open 20166699%178510Men
Meridian 20151075%40Men
Open 20157699%153272Men
Africa 2014686%46Men
Open 201435199%80284Men
Africa 2013393%45Men
Open 2013210595%52169Men
Open 2011375056%8620Men

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