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Jamie Hagiya

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Jamie Hagiya Height

63 in

Jamie Hagiya Weight

150 lb

Jamie Hagiya Country

United States

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Torrance CrossFit

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Introduction to Jamie Hagiya

Jamie Hagiya, a name synonymous with dedication and achievement in the CrossFit community, has made significant strides both as an athlete and a coach. Her journey from a collegiate and professional basketball career to becoming a CrossFit Games competitor exemplifies her commitment to excellence in sports. Hagiya’s story is not just about her athletic achievements but also her role as a coach and gym owner, inspiring many in the fitness community.

Early Life and Background of Jamie Hagiya

Before her CrossFit fame, Jamie Hagiya made a name for herself on the basketball court. As a four-year starter for the University of Southern California (USC) basketball team, Hagiya’s collegiate career was marked by her determination and skill. Her journey continued overseas where she played professionally in Europe, showcasing her talents in Greece and Spain. Despite facing challenges, including being told she was too short and battling stereotypes as an Asian American athlete, Hagiya’s perseverance and dedication to her sport were evident early on in her career.

Jamie Hagiya’s CrossFit Journey

Jamie Hagiya’s transition from basketball to CrossFit is a testament to her versatility and determination. Finding CrossFit as her next passion, Hagiya quickly made her mark in the sport. She embraces the challenges and competitive nature of CrossFit, particularly enjoying the community’s inclusivity and the personal growth it fosters. Despite gymnastics being her most challenging aspect due to her basketball background, Hagiya’s commitment to improvement is unwavering. Her advice to aspiring competitive CrossFit athletes highlights the importance of openness to learning, patience, and the holistic approach to training, including nutrition and recovery.

Competitive Achievements of Jamie Hagiya

Jamie Hagiya’s competitive record in CrossFit is impressive, with multiple appearances at the CrossFit Games and Regionals. She made her CrossFit Games debut in 2016, finishing as the 18th fittest woman on Earth, and returned in 2018 as part of a team, finishing 11th. Her journey through the CrossFit Open and Regional competitions showcases her growth and consistent performance over the years. Hagiya’s achievements are a source of inspiration for many in the CrossFit community, demonstrating what perseverance and hard work can accomplish.

Personal Life and Leadership

Off the competition floor, Jamie Hagiya’s contributions to the CrossFit community extend to her role as a coach and gym owner. Co-owning Torrance CrossFit with her sister and a friend, Hagiya is dedicated to building a supportive fitness community. Her background in team sports has equipped her with leadership skills and the ability to motivate and guide her athletes. Hagiya’s journey is not just about her individual successes but also about her impact on others, encouraging them to pursue their fitness goals and proving that with hard work, anything is possible.

Jamie Hagiya benchmarks

Squat: 335 lb
Clean: 255 lb
Snatch: 213 lb
Deadlift: 345 lb
Fran: 178 s
Grace: 132 s
Fight Gone Bad: 419 reps

Jamie Hagiya stats

Open 2023159098%132782Women
Open 2022867892%122177Women
Open 2020900414%94157Women
Open 201924899%146363Women
Open 20186499%171976Women
California 20171463%38Women
Open 20178399%159565Women
Games 20161855%40Women
California 2016586%38Women
Open 20166899%130154Women
California 20152047%38Women
Open 20157899%108764Women
Southern California 2014585%35Women
Open 20141999%52076Women
Southern California 2013586%37Women
Open 20135999%32643Women

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