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[display_age_from_date birthdate="1990-10-28"]

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177 cm

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87 kg

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CrossFit Torian

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Introduction to James Newbury

James Newbury, a name synonymous with CrossFit in Australia, has carved out a reputation as a formidable competitor on the global stage. Known for his dedication and versatility, Newbury’s journey in the fitness world is a testament to his hard work and passion for the sport. As a 4-time CrossFit Games athlete and holding the title of Australia’s Fittest Man four times, his contributions and achievements in the CrossFit community have made him a prominent figure and an inspiration to many.

Early Life and Background

James Newbury’s affinity for fitness and competition began at a young age. His journey into the world of sports started when he was just 8 years old, participating in little athletics where he discovered his love for competition. This early exposure to athletics laid the foundation for his future in sports. Transitioning from little athletics, Newbury also ventured into rugby, playing at a semi-professional level before fully committing to CrossFit. His diverse background in sports not only showcases his athletic prowess but also his adaptability and commitment to excellence in every arena he steps into.

CrossFit Journey of James Newbury

James Newbury’s CrossFit journey is a narrative of resilience and continuous improvement. Starting CrossFit in 2011, Newbury quickly made a name for himself in Australia and on the international stage. His dedication to the sport is evident in his rigorous training regimen, which includes a variety of modalities from running, swimming, and biking to powerlifting and even participating in triathlons and Ironman events. This dedication to a broad spectrum of physical disciplines has cemented him as a true hybrid athlete. Newbury’s approach to training and competition, coupled with a plant-based diet, underscores his holistic approach to fitness and well-being.

Competitive Achievements of James Newbury

James Newbury’s competitive record is impressive, with multiple appearances at the CrossFit Games and securing the title of Australia’s Fittest Man four times. His best finish at the CrossFit Games came in 2019 when he placed 5th, showcasing his exceptional skills and determination against the world’s best athletes. Beyond his individual performances, Newbury has also excelled in team competitions, demonstrating his versatility and team spirit. His achievements in the sport are a reflection of his hard work, strategic training, and mental fortitude.

Personal Life of James Newbury

Outside of his competitive career, James Newbury is known for his entrepreneurial ventures and advocacy for a plant-based lifestyle. His commitment to health and fitness extends beyond the gym, as he actively promotes the benefits of a plant-based diet and environmental sustainability. Newbury’s personal life, marked by his interests in outdoor adventures and holistic well-being, aligns with his professional ethos, making him a well-rounded individual and a role model in the CrossFit community and beyond.

James Newbury benchmarks

Squat: 200 kg
Clean: 145 kg
Snatch: 120 kg
Deadlift: 242 kg
Fran: 128 s
Grace: 86 s
Helen: 419 s
Sprint 400m: 53 s
Run 5k: 1124 s
Fight Gone Bad: 369 reps
Max Pull-ups: 85 reps

James Newbury stats

Oceania Semifinal 2023970%30Men
Individual Quarterfinal 202335895%7963Men
Open 2023195998%169449Men
Open 20203581773%133874Men
Games 2019596%144Men
Open 201913699%195562Men
Games 20181855%40Men
Pacific 2018197%40Men
Open 201826599%227562Men
Games 20172633%39Men
Pacific 2017197%40Men
Open 20173199%214519Men
Games 20162440%40Men
Pacific 2016295%40Men
Open 20165999%178510Men
Pacific 20151367%40Men
Open 201525999%153272Men
Australia 2014491%47Men
Open 201410299%80284Men
Australia 20131176%46Men
Open 201311099%52169Men
Australia 2012983%53Men
Open 201271597%25027Men
Open 2011350859%8620Men

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