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[display_age_from_date birthdate="1990-12-20"]

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172 cm

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202 lb

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Snake CrossFit

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Early Life and Background of Jake Douglas

Jake Douglas, hailing from Tamworth, Australia, is not just a CrossFit athlete but also a former captain of the first-grade Tamworth Pirates rugby team. His journey into CrossFit began with an invitation from his high-school physical education teacher, which evolved from training in a garage with friends to becoming a significant part of his life. Before his CrossFit career took off, Jake worked as a full-time plumber, a testament to his humble beginnings and work ethic.

Jake Douglas’s CrossFit Journey

Jake’s CrossFit journey is marked by dedication and gradual progression. From training in a garage to opening Snake CrossFit next to his job, Jake’s commitment to the sport is evident. His journey took a significant turn in 2023 when he qualified for his first CrossFit Games, finishing 38th worldwide, and became known for his resilience and consistent effort in the sport. He demonstrated his exceptional strength by recording a personal best and sharing the world record for the heaviest clean and jerk at 175-kilograms during the Down Under CrossFit Championships.

Competitive Achievements of Jake Douglas

Jake Douglas has shown remarkable progress in his CrossFit career, highlighted by his qualification for the 2023 CrossFit Games after finishing third at the Torian Pro, the host of the Oceania Semifinal. This achievement marked his first appearance at the Games, where he impressively snatched 310 pounds, the most of any athlete who qualified that year. His competitive spirit and strength were further showcased in 2019 when he set a world record for the heaviest clean and jerk at the Down Under CrossFit Championships.

Personal Life of Jake Douglas

Apart from being an accomplished athlete, Jake is a dedicated family man, deeply fueled by his desire to make his partner Ellen, daughter Frankie, and son Johnny proud. His daughter’s pride in her father’s achievements highlights the personal motivation driving Jake’s competitive spirit. Balancing his roles as an affiliate owner, father, and athlete, Jake’s life reflects his commitment to his family, business, and sport. His journey from a plumber to a CrossFit athlete and business owner exemplifies his resilience and dedication to his passions and responsibilities.

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Jake Douglas stats

Games 2023385%40Men
Oceania Semifinal 2023390%30Men
Individual Quarterfinal 202311398%7963Men
Open 202322299%169449Men
Last-Chance Qualifier 20222218%27Men
Torian Pro 2022583%30Men
Individual Quarterfinals 202222696%7274Men
Open 2022249198%154815Men
Open 20214753065%137461Men
Open 201989999%195562Men
Pacific 20182244%40Men
Open 201835799%227562Men
Open 201752699%214519Men
Open 2016null0%178510Men
Open 2015246298%153272Men

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