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Gary Helmick

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Gary Helmick Height

70 in

Gary Helmick Weight

180 lb

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United States

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Early Life and Background of Gary Helmick

Gary Helmick, a name familiar to Pasadena sports fans, carved a notable path from his high school days at Northeast High School through to an impressive college baseball career at Towson University from 2005-2009. As an All-American shortstop in his senior season, Helmick garnered Towson’s Athlete of the Year award and the university’s Strength and Conditioning Athlete of the Year award. His athletic prowess led him to the professional arena, where he spent time in the Baltimore Orioles’ farm system, before making a significant shift to CrossFit, marking the start of a new chapter in his sporting life.

Gary Helmick’s CrossFit Journey

Transitioning from baseball to CrossFit in 2011, Helmick quickly established himself in the CrossFit community. By 2013, he had competed in his first regional, securing second place at the Mid Atlantic Regional and earning a spot at the CrossFit Games, where he finished 38th in his debut. Despite facing injuries in 2014 and 2015, Helmick made a commendable comeback at the Games in 2016, improving his standing with a 27th place finish. His CrossFit career is not just about personal achievements; alongside his wife, Alea, Helmick co-owns CrossFit Revamped in Columbia, Maryland, where they both train and inspire others.

Competitive Achievements of Gary Helmick

As a two-time individual CrossFit Games athlete (2013, 2016), Helmick has shown remarkable versatility and skill in the sport. Notably, his performances at the 2016 CrossFit Games were among the highlights of his competitive career, with top finishes in events like the 100% For Time and the Suicide Sprint, showcasing his athletic prowess on a global stage. Helmick’s commitment to the sport and continuous improvement is evident through his rigorous training and competitive results over the years.

Personal Life of Gary Helmick

Gary’s life is deeply intertwined with CrossFit, not just professionally but personally as well. Married to Alea, also a formidable CrossFit athlete, the couple shares a passion for the sport that transcends the walls of their gym, CrossFit Revamped. Their journey together at the 2016 CrossFit Games, where they both competed as individuals, marked them as the first married couple to do so, highlighting their unique bond and shared dedication to CrossFit. This partnership extends beyond competition as they train, coach, and run their CrossFit affiliate together, embodying the spirit of the CrossFit community in every aspect of their lives.

Gary Helmick benchmarks

Squat: 420 lb
Clean: 320 lb
Deadlift: 525 lb
Fight Gone Bad: 411 reps
Grace: 120 sec
Max Pull-ups: 60 reps
Snatch: 265 lb

Gary Helmick stats

Open 202311489032%169449Men
Individual Quarterfinals 202248693%7274Men
Open 202268799%154815Men
Individual Quarterfinals 202144394%8011Men
Open 2021127999%137461Men
Open 202043299%133874Men
Open 201992699%195562Men
Open 201863799%227562Men
Open 201723499%214519Men
Games 20162732%40Men
Atlantic 2016587%39Men
Open 201613199%178510Men
Open 201521899%153272Men
Mid Atlantic 201400%47Men
Open 20144199%80284Men
Games 20133819%47Men
Mid Atlantic 2013295%43Men
Open 201310699%52169Men
Open 2012176692%25027Men

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