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Frederick Aegidius

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Frederick Aegidius Height

174 cm

Frederick Aegidius Weight

84 kg

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CrossFit Reykjavík

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Early Life and Background of Frederik Aegidius

Frederik Aegidius, a native of Denmark, has been active in sports from a very young age. He began his athletic journey playing handball at the age of seven and later took up American-style football at 14. Aegidius’s early exposure to various sports laid the foundation for his diverse athletic abilities and his later success in CrossFit.

Frederik Aegidius’s CrossFit Journey

Frederik Aegidius discovered CrossFit in 2008 during a 10-week pre-season training regimen with his football team, the Copenhagen Towers, at CrossFit Butcher’s Lab. After the program ended, he continued with CrossFit, eventually committing fully to the sport two years later. His dedication to CrossFit was evident in his rigorous training routine. Aegidius often trained alongside top CrossFit athletes, including his girlfriend, Annie Thorisdottir, two-time CrossFit champion, and the Fittest Woman in the World. This high-level training environment helped him develop his skills rapidly.

Competitive Achievements of Frederik Aegidius

Frederik Aegidius’s CrossFit career is marked by impressive achievements. He made his mark at the 2012 European CrossFit Regionals, finishing first and earning his spot at the CrossFit Games on only his second attempt. Aegidius has consistently shown strong performances in the CrossFit Open, rarely finishing outside the top-100. His determination and versatility as an athlete have led to several top-20 finishes at the CrossFit Games. Despite facing challenges, such as a herniated disc in his lower back, Aegidius has displayed resilience and a steadfast commitment to his athletic goals.

Frederik Aegidius’s Transition into Coaching

Beyond being a formidable athlete, Frederik Aegidius has a passion for coaching. His transition into coaching, particularly for GRID (a team-oriented functional fitness league), stems from his desire to empower others and utilize his extensive experience in team sports. Aegidius’s approach to coaching is informed by his inquisitive nature and his deep understanding of fitness training. He focuses on helping athletes optimize their performance by paying attention to the finer details of their training and competition strategies.

Personal Life of Frederik Aegidius

Frederik Aegidius has been in a relationship with Annie Thorisdottir, a fellow CrossFit athlete and two-time Games champion. Their partnership extends beyond their personal life, with Aegidius often playing a significant role in Thorisdottir’s training as her coach. This unique dynamic showcases their deep connection, both personally and professionally, in the world of CrossFit.

Frederick Aegidius benchmarks

Squat: 210 kg
Clean: 155 kg
Snatch: 120 kg
Deadlift: 230 kg
Fran: 147 s
Grace: 100 s
Helen: 480 s
Filthy 50: 1070 s
Sprint 400m: 67 s
Run 5k: 1340 s
Fight Gone Bad: 464 reps
Max Pull-ups: 50 reps

Frederick Aegidius stats

Age Group Semifinal 2023775%29Men (35-39)
Age Group Quarterfinal 2023899%1742Men (35-39)
Open 2023309598%169449Men
Age Group Semifinal 20221163%30Men (35-39)
Age Group Quarterfinals 20221698%1330Men (35-39)
Open 2022127199%154815Men
CrossFit Lowlands Throwdown 20211646%30Men
Individual Quarterfinals 20215599%8011Men
Open 20212899%137461Men
Open 202027599%133874Men
Games 20191402%144Men
Open 20191899%195562Men
Games 20182147%40Men
Europe 2018587%40Men
Open 20184699%227562Men
Games 20172438%39Men
Meridian 2017587%40Men
Open 20172899%214519Men
Meridian 2016782%40Men
Open 20162699%178510Men
Meridian 2015880%40Men
Open 20154799%153272Men
Europe 2014491%48Men
Open 20147699%80284Men
Games 20131568%47Men
Europe 2013393%48Men
Open 20132599%52169Men
Games 20123034%46Men
Europe 2012198%56Men
Open 20123099%25027Men
Open 20113199%8620Men

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