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Erin Vandendriessche

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Erin Vandendriessche Height

67 in

Erin Vandendriessche Weight

145 lb

Erin Vandendriessche Country

United States

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CrossFit Krypton

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Introduction to Erin Vandendriessche

Erin Vandendriessche, a notable figure in the CrossFit community, has made significant strides in the world of competitive fitness. With a background as a former diver, gymnast, and National Bar Champion, Erin’s transition into CrossFit showcases her dedication to becoming an elite-level athlete. Her journey is a testament to the power of hard work, resilience, and the relentless pursuit of improvement.

Early Life and Background of Erin Vandendriessche

Erin’s early years were marked by excellence in gymnastics and diving, highlighting her natural athletic talents and a foundation that would later serve her well in CrossFit. Her time as a National Bar Champion further emphasizes her exceptional skill in disciplines that demand both strength and precision. This early experience in competitive sports laid the groundwork for her future success in CrossFit.

Erin Vandendriessche’s CrossFit Journey

Erin Vandendriessche’s CrossFit journey began with an unconventional approach; she and her training partners initially navigated their workouts without a structured program, focusing on progressively intense sessions. However, Erin’s turning point came when she started following Misfit Athletic’s workouts, which significantly enhanced her performance. Her dedication to understanding and improving upon macronutrient intake further accelerated her recovery and strength gains, exemplifying her commitment to excellence in the sport.

Competitive Achievements of Erin Vandendriessche

Erin Vandendriessche’s competitive spirit and hard work have led her to remarkable successes, including a triumphant win at the CrossFit Italian Showdown in 2019. This victory was a significant milestone, marking her as one of the top contenders in the sport. Her preference for gymnastic movements and her strategic approach to competition highlight her strengths and adaptability as an athlete. Furthermore, Erin’s qualification for the 2019 Reebok CrossFit Games, alongside notable athletes like Noah Ohlsen, underscores her status as a formidable competitor in the CrossFit arena.

Personal Life of Erin Vandendriessche

Outside of her athletic endeavors, Erin Vandendriessche is celebrated by her community and loved ones. Her return from the Italian Showdown was met with a surprise celebration, showcasing the strong support system that surrounds her. This sense of community extends to her CrossFit gym, Root 18, which she considers her second family. Erin’s journey is not just one of personal achievement but also of building lasting relationships and inspiring those around her with her dedication and spirit.

Erin Vandendriessche benchmarks

Squat: 265 lb
Clean: 225 lb
Snatch: 200 lb
Deadlift: 300 lb
Fran: 303 s
Grace: 180 s
Run 5k: 1586 s
Max Pull-ups: 30 reps

Erin Vandendriessche stats

Open 202316199%132782Women
CrossFit Atlas Games 2022300%30Women
Individual Quarterfinals 20226798%5279Women
Open 202281799%122177Women
Individual Quarterfinals 202130794%5936Women
Open 202141799%108644Women
Open 20202608572%94157Women
Games 20195061%131Women
Open 20191401334%146363Women
Central 20181660%40Women
Open 201824999%171976Women
Open 201763199%159565Women
Open 2016121699%130154Women
Open 2015400996%108764Women
Open 2014921282%52076Women
Open 2013865773%32643Women

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