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[display_age_from_date birthdate="1998-06-13"]

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178 cm

Enrico Zenoni Weight

86 kg

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CrossFit Adamantio

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Early Life and Background of Enrico Zenoni

Enrico Zenoni’s journey into the world of CrossFit is as compelling as his performances in the sport. Originally a university physiotherapy student who couldn’t stay still, Zenoni’s athletic endeavors began long before he discovered CrossFit. With a history in judo for over a decade, participating in national and international competitions, and experiences in Krav-Maga, mixed martial arts, mountain running, and climbing, Zenoni has always been drawn to rigorous physical activities. His transition to CrossFit was driven by the discipline’s comprehensive nature, encapsulating a bit of everything he loves about sport and competition.

Enrico Zenoni’s CrossFit Journey

Enrico Zenoni’s CrossFit journey is marked by rapid progress and remarkable achievements. Starting CrossFit just two and a half years before making a significant mark in the sport, Zenoni dedicated himself fully, adopting an intense training regimen that sees him training up to seven days a week. His commitment to improvement and versatility in training—ranging from strength, cardio, to gymnastics work—mirrors his diverse sporting background. Zenoni’s approach to training, focusing on mastering the basics before advancing to complex skills, reflects a deep understanding of athletic development and a dedication to achieving excellence in CrossFit.

Competitive Achievements of Enrico Zenoni

Enrico Zenoni’s competitive record speaks volumes of his prowess as a CrossFit athlete. Notably, he became the number one CrossFit Junior athlete in Italy, showcasing high-level performances in competitions like the Italian Showdown. Zenoni’s achievements extend to international competitions as well, with significant placements in the CrossFit Games, French Throwdown, and the CrossFit Open among others. His performance at the Lowlands Throwdown, where he finished fifth, was a turning point, showcasing his ability to compete alongside the best in the sport and securing his spot at the CrossFit Games. Zenoni’s success is a testament to his hard work, strategic approach to training, and the mental fortitude to push through challenges.

Personal Life and Training Philosophy

Outside of competitions, Enrico Zenoni leads a life deeply intertwined with the principles of CrossFit. His training philosophy emphasizes consistency, hard work, and a balanced approach to physical and mental preparation. Zenoni’s use of meditation to qualify for the CrossFit Games highlights his belief in the power of mental strength and focus in achieving athletic goals. This holistic approach to training and competition, combining intense physical preparation with mental resilience, sets Zenoni apart as an athlete dedicated to excelling in every aspect of the sport.

Enrico Zenoni continues to inspire and motivate the CrossFit community, not only through his achievements but also through his journey from a multi-sport athlete to a CrossFit champion. His story is a compelling narrative of how dedication, versatile training, and a strong mindset can lead to remarkable success in the demanding world of CrossFit.

Enrico Zenoni benchmarks

Squat: 190 kg
Clean: 153 kg
Snatch: 125 kg
Deadlift: 225 kg
Fran: 150 s
Grace: 110 s
Run 5k: 1200 s

Enrico Zenoni stats

Europe Semifinal 20231771%60Men
Individual Quarterfinal 20233599%7963Men
Open 202315799%169449Men
CrossFit Games 20222927%40Men
CrossFit Lowlands Throwdown 2022583%30Men
Individual Quarterfinals 20228798%7274Men
Open 20227699%154815Men
Individual Quarterfinals 202150293%8011Men
Open 202146199%137461Men
Open 202048199%133874Men
Open 201964699%195562Men

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