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65 in

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140 lb

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Introduction to Emma Lawson

Emma Lawson, a remarkable CrossFit athlete from Ontario, Canada, has quickly risen to prominence within the CrossFit community. Emerging straight out of high school, she has become a formidable competitor on the elite stage, impressing with her dedication and achievements at a remarkably young age.

Early Life and Background of Emma Lawson

Born into a generation that grew up with CrossFit, Emma Lawson has been involved in the sport since she was seven years old. With a background that includes competitive dance and acrobatics, she has developed a strong foundation of athleticism, work ethic, flexibility, and teamwork. This diverse athletic background has contributed significantly to her success in CrossFit.

Emma Lawson’s CrossFit Journey

Emma’s journey in CrossFit began at an early age, but it was in 2018 that she decided to pursue competitive CrossFit seriously. Her dedication quickly paid off, with Emma making her mark by winning the title of Fittest Teen on Earth in the Girls 16-17 Division at the 2021 CrossFit Games. Following this, she exploded onto the elite stage with a 6th place finish at the 2022 CrossFit Games, earning her the Rookie of the Year Award. By 2023, Emma secured the title of Second Fittest Woman on Earth, showcasing her rapid progression and immense potential in the sport.

Competitive Achievements of Emma Lawson

Emma Lawson’s competitive record is nothing short of impressive. Starting with a 3rd place finish in the Girls 14–15 Division at her first trip to Madison in 2019, she went on to clinch the Fittest Teen on Earth title in 2021. Her debut at the CrossFit Games in 2022 saw her finishing 6th overall, a remarkable achievement for her first appearance on the elite stage. Emma’s determination and hard work culminated in her taking second place worldwide at the 2023 CrossFit Games, solidifying her status as a top competitor in the CrossFit arena.

Personal Life and Training Regime of Emma Lawson

Emma Lawson’s training regime is rigorous and well-rounded, emphasizing physical strength, mobility, and recovery. Despite the pressures of competing at such a high level, Emma focuses on enjoying her training, which includes outdoor sessions and swimming. Her approach to fitness is holistic, incorporating high-carb snacks for energy, mobility exercises for flexibility, and ample rest for recovery. Emma’s dedication to her training and recovery routines highlights her commitment to not just competing, but thriving in CrossFit.

As Emma Lawson continues to compete and evolve as an athlete, her journey serves as an inspiration to many in the CrossFit community and beyond. With her sights set on future competitions, Emma remains a prominent figure to watch in the world of CrossFit.

Emma Lawson benchmarks

Squat: 315 lb
Clean: 240 lb
Snatch: 192 lb
Deadlift: 345 lb

Emma Lawson stats

Games 2023295%40Women
North America East Semifinal 2023493%59Women
Individual Quarterfinal 20231099%5710Women
Open 2023399%132782Women
CrossFit Games 2022685%40Women
CrossFit Atlas Games 2022196%30Women
Individual Quarterfinals 20221099%5279Women
Open 202210299%122177Women
Games 2021195%20Girls (16-17)
CrossFit Atlas Games 2021970%30Women
Online Qualifier 2021298%138Girls (16-17)
Individual Quarterfinals 20214499%5936Women
Open 2021399%1733Girls (16-17)

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