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67 in

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157 lb

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United states

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Early Life and Background of Emily Abbott

Emily Abbott’s journey into the world of CrossFit and beyond is both inspiring and deeply personal. Growing up on a ranch in southern Alberta, Abbott was no stranger to hard work from a very young age. Engaging in various sports throughout her childhood and ultimately excelling in basketball, she led her university team, the University of Windsor Lancers, to two national championships. This athletic foundation laid the groundwork for what would become a remarkable career in CrossFit.

Emily Abbott’s CrossFit Journey

Abbott’s introduction to CrossFit came after her collegiate basketball career and a period of extensive travel that took her across Europe, New Zealand, and Indonesia. It was during these travels, and particularly after recovering from a severe bout of dengue fever, that Abbott realized the value of her physical abilities and decided to dedicate herself to CrossFit. Her natural talent and determination quickly shone through, leading her to compete in four CrossFit Games, with her best finish being 8th in the world.

Competitive Achievements of Emily Abbott

Emily Abbott’s competitive CrossFit career is highlighted by her remarkable performances at the CrossFit Games, where she consistently proved to be a formidable competitor. With a career-best finish of 8th in 2015, Abbott has never finished outside the top two at the regional level since her debut. Her commitment to the sport and her training regimen under coaches like Chantal Vall√©e and Justin Thacker played a significant role in her success, demonstrating the importance of mental toughness and hard work in achieving athletic excellence.

Personal Life and Evolution of Emily Abbott

The journey of Emily Abbott extends far beyond her athletic achievements. Facing challenges such as a failed drug test and the subsequent suspension from competition, Abbott embarked on a profound journey of self-discovery and healing. Through travel, sacred ceremonies, and engaging in various forms of therapy and self-exploration, Abbott transformed her understanding of herself and her purpose. Currently training to become a doctor in Acupuncture, she is deeply committed to helping others on their journey of self-actualization, blending her extensive athletic experience with a passion for emotional well-being.

Abbott’s personal evolution and her efforts to empower women athletes through workshops highlight her commitment to not just personal growth but also to contributing positively to the broader community. Her story is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the transformative power of facing and overcoming adversity.

Emily Abbott benchmarks

Clean: 240 lb
Snatch: 190 lb

Emily Abbott stats

West 2018null0%40Women
Open 201811199%171976Women
Games 20171952%40Women
West 2017392%40Women
Open 20173299%159565Women
Games 20162050%40Women
West 2016295%40Women
Open 20164299%130154Women
Games 2015880%40Women
West 2015197%38Women
Open 20154899%108764Women
Games 20143518%43Women
Canada West 2014197%36Women
Open 201431099%52076Women

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