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Elliot Simmonds

Elliot Simmonds Age

[display_age_from_date birthdate="1993-08-20"]

Elliot Simmonds Height

185 cm

Elliot Simmonds Weight

90 kg

Elliot Simmonds Country

United Kingdom

Elliot Simmonds Croosfit box

Dragon CrossFit

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Early Life and Background of Elliot Simmonds

Elliot Simmonds, a name synonymous with excellence in the CrossFit community, hails from the United Kingdom. His journey into the world of fitness and CrossFit is a testament to his dedication and hard work. While specific details of his early life are less commonly discussed, it’s his achievements in the CrossFit arena that have truly put him on the map.

Elliot Simmonds’ CrossFit Journey

Elliot’s CrossFit journey is nothing short of inspirational. Beginning his career with notable performances in regional competitions, Elliot quickly made a name for himself. He first garnered attention on the global stage as part of Team CrossFit Yas, securing a third-place finish at the 2016 CrossFit Games. This achievement marked the start of his rise in the sport. Not content with team success alone, Elliot transitioned to individual competition, showcasing his exceptional skills and determination. By 2018, he had returned to the Reebok CrossFit Games as an elite individual male competitor, a testament to his growth and dedication to the sport.

Competitive Achievements of Elliot Simmonds

Elliot’s competitive record is impressive, with multiple appearances at the CrossFit Games highlighting his career. His evolution from a team competitor to a formidable individual athlete is evident in his performances. In 2016, as part of Team CrossFit Yas, Elliot achieved a third-place finish at the CrossFit Games. His individual prowess was on full display in 2018 and 2019, where he not only competed at the Games but also ended the 2019 season as the UK National Champion, ranking 19th in the world in his category. Elliot’s stats, such as a 420 lb back squat, a 330 lb clean and jerk, and a 500 lb deadlift, underscore his physical capabilities and dedication to training.

Elliot Simmonds’ Personal Life

Elliot’s personal life, especially his partnership with fellow CrossFit athlete Jamie Greene, is a source of inspiration to many. The couple’s dedication to CrossFit extends beyond their individual training; they share workouts and moments from their life, showcasing their commitment to the sport and to each other. This shared passion for CrossFit not only strengthens their relationship but also motivates the broader CrossFit community.


Elliot Simmonds continues to be a leading figure in the world of CrossFit, with his athletic achievements and personal journey inspiring many. From his early days in the sport to his current status as a top competitor and coach, Elliot exemplifies the spirit of dedication and continuous improvement that CrossFit promotes. His story is a powerful reminder of where passion, hard work, and community can lead.

Elliot Simmonds benchmarks

Squat: 420 lb
Clean: 330 lb
Deadlift: 500 lb
Snatch: 275 lb

Elliot Simmonds stats

CrossFit Strength in Depth 20221257%28Men
Individual Quarterfinals 202210098%7274Men
Open 20228899%154815Men
CrossFit German Throwdown 20211067%31Men
Individual Quarterfinals 202113298%8011Men
Open 20211599%137461Men
Open 20202499%133874Men
Games 20191986%144Men
Open 20193799%195562Men
Games 20182635%40Men
Meridian 2018295%40Men
Open 201836999%227562Men
Meridian 2017782%40Men
Open 20175599%214519Men
Open 201622599%178510Men
Open 201548499%153272Men
Europe 20142939%48Men
Open 201438599%80284Men

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