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170 cm

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68 kg

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Early Life and Background of Edmund Tan

Edmund Tan’s journey into the world of CrossFit is a tale of resilience and determination. Before his rise in the CrossFit community, Tan faced a significant setback in 2007 during a rock climbing competition, which resulted in a severe shoulder injury. This injury led him to undergo shoulder reconstruction surgery, followed by more than a year of rehabilitation. Despite these challenges, Tan’s spirit remained unbroken, laying the foundation for his future successes in the CrossFit arena.

Edmund Tan’s CrossFit Journey

Edmund Tan’s transition to CrossFit was driven by his quest to regain strength and overcome the limitations imposed by his injury. Initially using CrossFit as a rehabilitation tool to rebuild lost muscle and strength, Tan quickly developed a passion for the sport. His dedication to training, coupled with his background in rock climbing, equipped him with a unique set of skills that propelled him into competitive CrossFit. Tan’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of CrossFit, not just as a physical regimen but as a pathway to personal triumph.

Competitive Achievements of Edmund Tan

Edmund Tan has made significant strides in the CrossFit community, earning the title of “Fittest Man in Malaysia.” His remarkable journey to the CrossFit Games in 2019 was marked by unexpected challenges, including financial hurdles that required him to seek crowdfunding support. Despite these obstacles, Tan’s commitment to his training and his community’s support saw him through to the Games. His achievements are a reflection of his dedication, resilience, and the unwavering support of the CrossFit community.

Personal Life of Edmund Tan

Aside from his athletic prowess, Edmund Tan is known for his entrepreneurial spirit, co-founding the successful homegrown ice cream chain Inside Scoop with his wife. His journey from an investment banker to a CrossFit athlete and entrepreneur showcases his multifaceted talents and determination to pursue his passions. Tan’s story is an inspiring example of how diverse experiences and challenges can lead to unexpected and rewarding paths.

Edmund Tan benchmarks

Squat: 180 kg
Clean: 135 kg
Snatch: 115 kg
Deadlift: 195 kg
Fran: 169 s
Grace: 268 s
Helen: 547 s
Filthy 50: 1526 s
Sprint 400m: 61 s
Run 5k: 1593 s
Max Pull-ups: 80 reps

Edmund Tan stats

Individual Quarterfinals 2021315160%8011Men
Open 2021327497%137461Men
Open 2020266698%133874Men
Games 201910229%144Men
Open 2019538097%195562Men
Open 2018403698%227562Men
Open 2017139999%214519Men
Open 2016354098%178510Men
Open 2015467296%153272Men
Open 2014506493%80284Men
Open 20131404173%52169Men
Asia 20122636%41Men
Open 2012632574%25027Men
Open 2011321662%8620Men

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