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Edem Ahiaku

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175 cm

Edem Ahiaku Weight

84 kg

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CrossFit Leeds

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Early Life and Background of Edem Ahiaku

Edem Ahiaku is a figure of inspiration, balancing a full-time career as a doctor with his passion for CrossFit. His dedication to both his profession and fitness showcases a remarkable ability to manage intense workloads, embodying the spirit of perseverance and dedication that CrossFit promotes.

Edem Ahiaku’s CrossFit Journey

Edem Ahiaku’s journey in CrossFit is a testament to his dedication and hard work. As a part-time CrossFit enthusiast, he has managed to make significant strides in the CrossFit community. Representing Ghana, Ahiaku has shown exceptional commitment to the sport, proudly carrying the flag of his country on the global stage.

Competitive Achievements of Edem Ahiaku

In 2019, Edem Ahiaku made headlines by becoming the national champion of Ghana in the CrossFit Open, ranking 35,353rd worldwide. Despite the vast differences in rankings among national champions globally, his achievement highlighted the growing diversity and inclusivity within the CrossFit community. By 2023, he improved his standing to 13,175th worldwide in the CrossFit Open, showcasing his continuous improvement and dedication to the sport.

Personal Life of Edem Ahiaku

Outside of CrossFit, Edem Ahiaku is a medical professional, demonstrating his ability to balance a demanding career with his CrossFit training. His journey is a powerful reminder of the importance of passion, dedication, and the ability to juggle multiple responsibilities successfully.

Edem Ahiaku’s story is not just about his rankings or his profession; it’s about the heart and determination he brings to every aspect of his life. His journey in CrossFit, from a national champion in Ghana to improving his rank significantly on the worldwide stage, alongside managing a challenging career in medicine, is a source of inspiration for many in the CrossFit community and beyond.

Edem Ahiaku benchmarks

Squat: 160 kg
Deadlift: 205 kg

Edem Ahiaku stats

Open 20231317592%169449Men
Open 20222414584%154815Men
Open 20201820086%133874Men
Games 201911520%144Men
Open 20193537381%195562Men
Open 20178044262%214519Men

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