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Delice Adonis

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171 cm

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140 lb

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Introduction to Delice Adonis

Delice Adonis, a beacon of CrossFit in Guyana, South America, has made a name for herself in the global CrossFit community with her dedication, resilience, and outstanding achievements. Training at CrossFit 592 in Georgetown, Adonis has consistently showcased her talent and commitment to the sport, becoming an inspiration for many aspiring athletes.

Early Life and Background of Delice Adonis

While specific details about her early life are scarce, Delice Adonis’s journey into CrossFit speaks volumes about her passion for fitness and competition. She has risen through the ranks to become one of Guyana’s premier CrossFit athletes, demonstrating that dedication and hard work can pave the way to success.

Delice Adonis’s CrossFit Journey

Delice Adonis embarked on her CrossFit journey with a clear vision and dedication, quickly making a mark in the sport. She has competed in numerous competitions, both locally and internationally, showcasing her skills and pushing her limits. Her performance in the CrossFit Games Open, particularly in 2019 where she placed first in Guyana, underscores her prowess and dedication to the sport.

Competitive Achievements of Delice Adonis

Adonis’s competitive record is impressive, with notable placements in the Guyana Fitness Challenge, where she clinched the first place in 2018 and continued to perform strongly in subsequent years. Her international debut at the Reebok CrossFit Games in 2019 as Guyana’s female representative was a milestone, marking her presence on the global stage. Delice Adonis has also been pivotal in the Kares Caribbean Fitness Challenge, showcasing her resilience and competitive spirit.

Personal Life and Training Regime of Delice Adonis

Delice Adonis’s training regimen is a testament to her commitment to CrossFit and personal improvement. Her focus on bettering her performance for the Reebok CrossFit Games demonstrates her dedication to the sport. Despite facing challenges such as injuries, Adonis has shown remarkable resilience, bouncing back stronger and more focused. Her ability to maintain a balanced training regimen, while preparing for high-level competitions, illustrates her professionalism and dedication to achieving her best.

Sponsorship and Recognition

Delice Adonis’s talents and achievements have not gone unnoticed, as evidenced by her partnership with MVP Sports as a brand ambassador. This sponsorship not only highlights her status as a top athlete in Guyana but also her role in representing her country at an international level. Her partnership with MVP Sports underscores the recognition of her hard work and achievements in CrossFit, further propelling her career and the sport’s growth in Guyana.

Delice Adonis continues to inspire and motivate the CrossFit community, both in Guyana and abroad, through her achievements and dedication to the sport. Her journey from a national champion to an international competitor embodies the spirit of CrossFit – pushing limits, overcoming challenges, and constantly striving for excellence.

Delice Adonis benchmarks

Squat: 250 lb
Clean: 175 lb
Deadlift: 305 lb
Grace: 247 sec
Max Pull-ups: 15 reps
Snatch: 135 lb
Sprint 400m: 91 sec

Delice Adonis stats

Individual Quarterfinals 2021240559%5936Women
Open 2021393996%108644Women
Open 2020473194%94157Women
Games 201911512%131Women
Open 2019842294%146363Women
Open 20183793677%171976Women

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