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172 cm

Dean Linder-Leighton Weight

87 kg

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Early Life and Background of Dean Linder-Leighton

Dean Linder-Leighton, a renowned name in the CrossFit community, has a story that begins far from the world of fitness competitions. His early life and background remain largely unexplored in public records, painting a picture of an athlete whose journey into CrossFit seems to have been the defining chapter of his public persona.

Dean Linder-Leighton’s CrossFit Journey

Dean’s journey into the world of CrossFit is a tale of determination and relentless pursuit of excellence. From his early days, he showed a promise that hinted at his future successes. His dedication to the sport is evident in his consistent participation in CrossFit competitions, where he has demonstrated not just his athletic prowess but also his resilience and spirit.

Competitive Achievements of Dean Linder-Leighton

Dean Linder-Leighton’s competitive track record is nothing short of impressive. He made his mark in the CrossFit world with noteworthy performances in various competitions. Dean made his first CrossFit Games appearance in 2018, securing a commendable 14th place in the world. He followed this up with a return to the CrossFit Games in 2019 through the CrossFit Open, finishing in 36th place. His performance at the 2019 CrossFit Games included a memorable completion of the Ruck Run event. Additionally, he was the proud winner of the Madison Triplus event at the CrossFit Games in 2018, showcasing his versatility and stamina in the challenging swim/paddle/run event.

Personal Life of Dean Linder-Leighton

The personal life of Dean Linder-Leighton, much like his early background, is a story untold in the public domain. What is evident, however, is his commitment to the sport of CrossFit and his role as an inspiration to many aspiring athletes. His journey in CrossFit reflects a dedication that goes beyond the physical, embodying the spirit of determination and the pursuit of personal excellence.

Dean Linder-Leighton benchmarks

Squat: 200 kg
Clean: 155 kg
Snatch: 135 kg
Deadlift: 250 kg
Fran: 132 s
Grace: 88 s
Sprint 400m: 55 s
Run 5k: 1170 s
Fight Gone Bad: 520 reps
Max Pull-ups: 75 reps

Dean Linder-Leighton stats

Open 20218054041%137461Men
Open 20209214831%133874Men
Games 20193675%144Men
Open 20192899%195562Men
Games 20181465%40Men
Pacific 2018295%40Men
Open 20183199%227562Men
Pacific 2017977%40Men
Open 201717399%214519Men
Open 2016116099%178510Men
Pacific 2015880%40Men
Open 20152599%153272Men
Australia 20142155%47Men
Open 201421299%80284Men
Australia 20131567%46Men
Open 201334599%52169Men
Open 2012211491%25027Men

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