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67 in

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180 lb

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CrossFit 3 Sons

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Early Life and Background of Darwin Perez

Darwin Perez’s journey into the world of athletics began long before he discovered CrossFit. Originally from Zacualpan, Nayarit, Mexico, Perez moved to Kentucky, where his athletic career took off. Growing up, soccer was his first passion, a sport deeply ingrained in his childhood and culture. However, upon moving to Kentucky, where soccer was not as prevalent, Perez expanded his athletic pursuits. He started wrestling in the 8th grade, competing in the 76 lbs weight class. Despite being small in stature, Perez’s tenacity on the wrestling mat was formidable, capturing a state wrestling championship in high school. His competitive spirit didn’t stop there; Perez also played collegiate soccer and later, professional soccer in the Major Arena Soccer League (MASL), showcasing his versatility and passion for sports.

Darwin Perez’s CrossFit Journey

Perez’s introduction to CrossFit came as he sought a new challenge, diverging from his previous focus on bodybuilding and traditional gym training. His competitive nature quickly drew him to the sport’s unique blend of disciplines, pushing him to aim for the elite level. Starting his CrossFit journey in 2013, Perez demonstrated remarkable progress and dedication. He qualified for the Central Regional in 2015 and has been a consistent presence in CrossFit competitions since then, including participating in team events and individual quarterfinals. His impressive performances have seen him compete at the CrossFit Games and achieve high rankings worldwide, including a standout 6th place finish in the 2017 CrossFit Open worldwide.

Competitive Achievements of Darwin Perez

Darwin Perez has achieved notable success in the CrossFit arena, marked by his participation in various competitions and his role as a key member of team Maximus. His achievements include reaching the CrossFit Games with Team Maximus Nashland in 2017, where his team performed admirably. Perez also distinguished himself as the Mexico National Champion in the 2019 CrossFit Games, showcasing his skill and dedication on an international stage. Throughout his CrossFit career, Perez has demonstrated a steady improvement in his performances, achieving top rankings in the CrossFit Open and participating in the individual quarterfinals, highlighting his commitment to excellence and competitive spirit.

Personal Life of Darwin Perez

Outside of his rigorous training and competition schedule, Darwin Perez is a family man, deeply committed to his wife, Chelsea, and their three sons. His balance between being a dedicated athlete, a loving husband, and a caring father is a testament to his character. Perez enjoys spending quality time with his family, whether it’s fishing with his son Lio or simply enjoying moments together. This balance of personal and professional life reflects Perez’s grounded nature and his ability to prioritize what truly matters to him.

Darwin Perez benchmarks

Squat: 525 lb
Clean: 365 lb
Snatch: 300 lb
Deadlift: 555 lb

Darwin Perez stats

Open 202318899%169449Men
Open 202267099%154815Men
Individual Quarterfinals 202138195%8011Men
Open 2021124099%137461Men
Open 202013799%133874Men
Games 20195363%144Men
Open 201912099%195562Men
Central 20182147%40Men
Open 20185499%227562Men
Open 2017699%214519Men
Open 201630799%178510Men
Central 20153122%40Men
Open 201522999%153272Men
Open 201482398%80284Men
Open 201393398%52169Men

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