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Danielle Shanine

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62 in

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125 lb

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CrossFit 309

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Early Life and Background of Danielle Shanine

Danielle Shanine’s journey into CrossFit began in an unconventional manner. While training at Peoria Muay Thai, a shared facility with CrossFit 309, she was invited to join a workout honoring a military hero, known as “Barefoot Murph”. Despite being initially out of her element and without shoes, this challenge marked the start of her CrossFit journey. Danielle’s early days were filled with learning the ropes, from mastering the clean with an empty barbell to conquering her fear of jumping onto the rig. Her progress in CrossFit transformed her from a novice into an enthusiast, particularly drawn to gymnastics within the sport, showcasing her evolution as an athlete and her passion for continuous learning and improvement.

Danielle Shanine’s CrossFit Journey

Danielle Shanine’s CrossFit career is highlighted by her remarkable progression and dedication. Over the years, she has participated in various competitions, with her performance at the 2019 CrossFit Games standing out as a significant milestone. Representing Lebanon, she competed as the national champion, showcasing her skills and determination on a global stage. Her journey from starting CrossFit with the “Barefoot Murph” to competing at the Games illustrates her rapid ascent in the sport. Danielle’s commitment to training, which includes early morning sessions and additional swim training, underscores her dedication to excelling in CrossFit and her ability to balance a demanding fitness regimen with a full-time corporate job.

Competitive Achievements of Danielle Shanine

Danielle Shanine has made her mark in the CrossFit community through her competitive achievements. Her participation in the CrossFit Games and Open competitions over the years showcases her growth and consistency in the sport. In 2019, she achieved a notable rank at the CrossFit Games and has consistently improved her standings in the Open, with rankings that reflect her dedication and hard work. Danielle’s performance in the Asia region and as a representative of Lebanon highlights her as a key athlete in the sport, continually pushing her limits and striving for excellence.

Personal Life and Training Philosophy of Danielle Shanine

Outside the competition floor, Danielle Shanine leads a balanced and grounded life. She manages to juggle her CrossFit training with a full-time corporate job, emphasizing the importance of balance and passion in her life. Danielle’s approach to training and diet is refreshingly pragmatic; she doesn’t strictly adhere to a specific diet, instead focusing on enjoying life while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Her favorite cheat meal? All of it, as she loves food with a passion. Danielle’s philosophy extends to her training as well, where she values fun and consistency, advising newcomers to embrace new challenges with a smile and enjoy the journey of fitness and personal growth.

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Individual Quarterfinal 2023439423%5710Women
Open 2023655295%132782Women
Open 2022868992%122177Women
Open 20211065890%108644Women
Open 2020426995%94157Women
Games 201911214%131Women
Open 2019381597%146363Women
Open 20181320592%171976Women

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