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60 in

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120 lb

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Introduction to Cricel Castillo

Cricel Castillo, a name synonymous with strength and perseverance in the CrossFit community, has etched her mark as one of the most inspiring athletes. Representing Belize, her journey from a professional bodybuilder to a CrossFit competitor showcases her dedication and versatility in the world of fitness.

Early Life and Background of Cricel Castillo

Details about Cricel Castillo’s early life are closely tied to her Belizean roots, a country known for its rich culture and spirited people. While specific insights into her early years are sparse, her achievements speak volumes about her dedication and the support system that has bolstered her rise in the fitness world.

Cricel Castillo’s CrossFit Journey

Cricel’s transition into CrossFit marked a new chapter in her fitness career, moving from bodybuilding to the dynamic and challenging world of CrossFit. Her participation in CrossFit San Pedro Town has not only highlighted her individual prowess but also brought attention to the athletic talent emerging from Belize.

Competitive Achievements of Cricel Castillo

Cricel Castillo’s competitive record is impressive, with notable achievements including her participation in the CF Games 2019 and being named the Fittest in Belize in 2018. Her rank in the 2019 CrossFit Games as 83rd among women globally underscores her elite status in the sport. Besides her CrossFit accolades, Cricel has also been recognized as the Strongest Woman in Belize in 2016, illustrating her multifaceted talent in various fitness disciplines.

Personal Life of Cricel Castillo

While Cricel Castillo keeps a low profile regarding her personal life, her public achievements and dedication to fitness suggest a person of incredible discipline, resilience, and commitment to personal and community growth. As a beacon of inspiration in Belize and the CrossFit community, Cricel’s journey from a national champion to an international competitor exemplifies the spirit of CrossFit and the potential within each athlete to achieve greatness.

As Cricel Castillo continues to push the boundaries of her capabilities, her story remains a compelling testament to the power of dedication, hard work, and the pursuit of excellence in the realm of CrossFit and beyond.

Cricel Castillo benchmarks

Squat: 265 lb
Clean: 215 lb
Snatch: 175 lb
Deadlift: 305 lb
Fran: 255 s
Sprint 400m: 109 s
Max Pull-ups: 24 reps

Cricel Castillo stats

Games 20198336%131Women
Open 2019242898%146363Women
Open 2018767095%171976Women

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