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Connor Duddy

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Connor Duddy Height

70 in

Connor Duddy Weight

190 lb

Connor Duddy Country

United States

Connor Duddy Croosfit box

Solidarity CrossFit

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Early Life and Background of Connor Duddy

Connor Duddy’s journey into CrossFit began during his senior year of high school as he was preparing for his final rowing season. Unfortunately, he suffered a serious back injury on a summer job just before heading to college, which led him down the path to discovering CrossFit. The adaptability of CrossFit workouts played a crucial role in his recovery and rehabilitation, showcasing the sport’s ability to be tailored to individual needs and situations.

Connor Duddy’s CrossFit Journey

Connor Duddy’s CrossFit career is marked by his resilience and dedication. Starting CrossFit in his senior year of high school, Duddy quickly grew passionate about the sport. His commitment is evident through his consistent participation in CrossFit competitions, including his notable performances in the CrossFit Open over the years. Connor has shown remarkable progress, demonstrating his growing prowess in the CrossFit community.

Competitive Achievements of Connor Duddy

Connor Duddy has made significant strides in the CrossFit arena, highlighted by his participation in the CrossFit Games. In 2019, he qualified for the Games with an impressive 8th-place finish at the Dubai CrossFit Championship, eventually finishing 22nd in the world at the Games. His journey through the CrossFit Open showcases a trajectory of improvement, with multiple top-100 finishes worldwide. Duddy’s achievements extend beyond individual competitions, reflecting his dedication and skill in CrossFit.

Personal Life of Connor Duddy

Outside the competitive sphere, Connor Duddy brings his passion for CrossFit into his professional life, serving as a coach at Solidarity CrossFit. His experience as an athlete enriches his coaching, where he shares his knowledge and dedication with the CrossFit community. Duddy’s journey from overcoming a significant back injury to competing at the CrossFit Games is a testament to his determination and resilience, both as an athlete and coach.

Connor Duddy benchmarks

Squat: 430 lb
Clean: 335 lb
Snatch: 280 lb
Deadlift: 500 lb

Connor Duddy stats

North America East Semifinal 2023558%60Men
Individual Quarterfinal 20238598%7963Men
Open 20239099%169449Men
Last-Chance Qualifier 20221062%27Men
CrossFit Atlas Games 2022677%27Men
Individual Quarterfinals 202212798%7274Men
Open 20224899%154815Men
Mid-Atlantic CrossFit Challenge 20211260%30Men
Individual Quarterfinals 20214099%8011Men
Open 20214499%137461Men
Open 20203199%133874Men
Games 20192284%144Men
Open 20194599%195562Men
Atlantic 20182050%40Men
Open 20182699%227562Men
Atlantic 2017977%40Men
Open 201724499%214519Men
East 20161172%40Men
Open 201612499%178510Men
Open 201523099%153272Men
Open 2014188897%80284Men
Open 2013183996%52169Men

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