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Cole Greashaber

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Cole Greashaber Height

72 in

Cole Greashaber Weight

212 lb

Cole Greashaber Country

United States

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CrossFit Lee's Summit (LS)

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Early Life and Background of Cole Greashaber

Cole Greashaber, an elite functional fitness athlete from Missouri, has been training in functional fitness for over 7 years. His athletic background is impressively diverse, including 10 years of competitive gymnastics, as well as experience in diving and pole vaulting during his high school years. These sports endowed him with exceptional body awareness and mobility, setting a strong foundation for his future in functional fitness.

Cole Greashaber’s CrossFit Journey

Cole’s journey into CrossFit began with the aim of competing in the CrossFit Games as a teenager. His ambition quickly materialized when he placed 3rd in the 16-17 teen division at his first Games in 2017. His dedication to the sport saw him qualifying as an individual in subsequent years, marking his debut as an individual competitor at the CrossFit Games in 2022, where he finished 33rd overall. Cole continued to showcase his growth and skill in the 2023 Games, securing his first-ever event win and again finishing 33rd overall.

Competitive Achievements of Cole Greashaber

Cole’s competitive record is notable for its consistency and excellence. At the 2023 CrossFit Games, he placed 33rd worldwide, demonstrating his skills across a broad spectrum of fitness challenges. His performance at the 2022 Syndicate Crown Semifinal, where he finished third, was a key milestone in his career, propelling him into the elite ranks of the sport. Cole’s achievements extend beyond the CrossFit Games; at TYR Wodapalooza, he was a force to be reckoned with, finishing fifth overall in a field of top competitors and winning the free-standing handstand event.

Personal Life and Training Insights

In his personal life, Cole is deeply motivated by the challenge of mastering all three implements of CrossFit: gymnastics, weightlifting, and metabolic conditioning. He aims to improve year over year, both physically and mentally, by the benchmarks set within CrossFit. A significant part of Cole’s training regime includes the use of the AIRWAAV performance mouthpiece, which has notably helped him reduce the severity and frequency of Fran Lung, a common condition experienced by athletes following intense workouts. This improvement has allowed him to maintain peak performance levels during training and competition.

Cole Greashaber benchmarks

Squat: 430 lb
Clean: 350 lb
Snatch: 280 lb
Deadlift: 500 lb

Cole Greashaber stats

Games 20233317%40Men
North America West Semifinal 2023493%60Men
Individual Quarterfinal 2023799%7963Men
Open 202314099%169449Men
CrossFit Games 20223317%40Men
Syndicate Crown 2022390%30Men
Individual Quarterfinals 20222999%7274Men
Open 20222799%154815Men
CrossFit Atlas Games 2021777%31Men
Individual Quarterfinals 20218099%8011Men
Open 2021899%137461Men
Last-Chance Qualifier 20211355%29Men
Open 20203799%133874Men

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