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Chyna Cho

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68 in

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148 lb

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United States

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Lahaina CrossFit

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Introduction to Chyna Cho

Chyna Cho, a name synonymous with perseverance and dedication in the CrossFit community, has etched her name into the annals of the sport’s history. With her beginnings rooted in San Francisco, California, Cho’s journey from a collegiate swimmer to a CrossFit powerhouse showcases the transformative power of passion and hard work. Her impressive tenure in the CrossFit Games, coupled with her entrepreneurial spirit as the owner of Good For You CrossFit in Newark, California, paints the picture of an athlete whose influence extends beyond the gym walls.

Early Life and Background of Chyna Cho

Born on September 20, 1986, in San Francisco, Chyna Cho’s athletic journey began long before she discovered CrossFit. Her early years were marked by a competitive swimming career that laid the foundation for her exceptional work ethic. Cho’s transition from water to weights came after coaching swimming for six years, reflecting a seamless shift from one form of athletic excellence to another.

Chyna Cho’s CrossFit Journey

Cho’s foray into CrossFit was marked by immediate success and challenges alike. Making her CrossFit Games debut in 2010, she quickly became known for her resilience, narrowly missing qualification in the years that followed until making a triumphant return in 2014. Cho’s determination was unwavering, with close calls at regional competitions fueling her drive to excel. Her career-best sixth-place finish at the Games in 2015, along with multiple appearances as both an individual and team competitor, underscores her status as a formidable force in the sport.

Competitive Achievements of Chyna Cho

Chyna Cho’s competitive record speaks volumes of her dedication to CrossFit. As a multi-year CrossFit Games veteran, she has seen the podium as part of Team CrossFit Mayhem Freedom and has consistently ranked highly in individual competitions. With a best individual finish of sixth place in 2015 and a victory with her team in 2019, Cho has demonstrated versatility and excellence in both team and individual formats. Her journey is marked by significant achievements in the CrossFit Open and various regional and semifinal competitions, showcasing her as a standout athlete within the global CrossFit community.

Personal Life of Chyna Cho

Behind the athlete, Chyna Cho is a figure of inspiration and motivation. Her personal life, marked by a deep-seated love for training and a commitment to the CrossFit community, reflects the essence of what it means to be a CrossFit athlete. Cho’s decision to take control of her training and programming, alongside her partnership with fellow athlete Neal Maddox, highlights her proactive approach to personal and professional development. Moreover, her ability to balance intense training with running her CrossFit gym exemplifies her multifaceted role as an athlete, coach, and entrepreneur.

Chyna Cho’s Impact on CrossFit and Beyond

Chyna Cho’s impact on CrossFit extends far beyond her competitive achievements. Her story is one of resilience, dedication, and the relentless pursuit of excellence. Through her coaching, community involvement, and personal journey, Cho inspires current and future generations of CrossFit athletes. Her legacy is not just in the records she sets or the competitions she wins but in the lives she touches and the community she builds around the sport she loves.

Chyna Cho benchmarks

Squat: 286 lb
Clean: 209 lb
Snatch: 170 lb
Deadlift: 315 lb
Fran: 137 s
Grace: 120 s
Max Pull-ups: 50 reps

Chyna Cho stats

Games 202300%10Women (35-39)
North America West Semifinal 20232460%60Women
Age Group Semifinal 2023196%28Women (35-39)
Age Group Quarterfinal 20231099%1239Women (35-39)
Individual Quarterfinal 202311897%5710Women
Open 2023699%24815Women (35-39)
CrossFit Games 2022370%10Women (35-39)
Age Group Semifinal 2022196%28Women (35-39)
Age Group Quarterfinals 2022399%1020Women (35-39)
Open 202254399%122177Women
CrossFit Atlas Games 20211163%30Women
Individual Quarterfinals 20219998%5936Women
Open 202118199%108644Women
Open 20205199%94157Women
Open 20196599%146363Women
Games 20182147%40Women
West 2018392%40Women
Open 20182899%171976Women
Games 20171757%40Women
California 2017197%38Women
Open 20172399%159565Women
Games 20161757%40Women
California 2016489%38Women
Open 20163599%130154Women
Games 2015685%40Women
California 2015392%38Women
Open 20153199%108764Women
Games 20141565%43Women
Northern California 2014295%40Women
Open 20147099%52076Women
Northern California 2013684%39Women
Open 201324599%32643Women
Northern California 2012487%33Women
Open 201211199%14217Women
Open 201116796%4506Women
Games 20101860%45Women

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