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Carolyne Prevost

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63 in

Carolyne Prevost Weight

145 lb

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CrossFit Colosseum

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Introduction to Carolyne Prevost

Carolyne Prevost is a name synonymous with dedication, versatility, and excellence in the world of sports. Not just a CrossFit athlete, Prevost’s journey through professional hockey, her fight for women’s equality in sports, and her impressive track record at the CrossFit Games, illustrates a multi-faceted athlete who defies the limits of what it means to be dedicated to athletic pursuits.

Early Life and Background of Carolyne Prevost

Prevost’s journey into the world of professional sports is marked by her early involvement in multiple disciplines. Excelling in sports from a young age, her athletic journey is a testament to her dedication and natural talent. Prevost’s early experiences laid a solid foundation for her diverse and successful career in sports.

Carolyne Prevost’s CrossFit Journey

Carolyne Prevost’s CrossFit journey began in April 2013, shortly after her goal to compete at the Olympics for Canada’s 2014 Women’s Hockey Team did not materialize. Her transition to CrossFit was swift, competing in her first Open in March 2014 and qualifying for Regionals the same year. Since then, Prevost has qualified for the final stage of competition before the Games every year, marking her as a formidable competitor in the CrossFit arena.

Competitive Achievements of Carolyne Prevost

Prevost has made her mark on the CrossFit world with multiple appearances at the CrossFit Games, showcasing her strength, endurance, and versatility. Her best finish at the Games was 12th in 2019, a remarkable achievement highlighting her elite fitness level. Beyond the Games, her performance in the Open and Semifinals has consistently been impressive, with top rankings both worldwide and by region, exemplifying her competitive spirit and dedication to the sport.

Carolyne Prevost’s Personal Life and Pursuit of Equality in Sports

Off the competition floor, Prevost is a passionate advocate for women’s equality in sports. Her professional hockey career, playing for teams like the Toronto Furies and involvement with the Professional Women’s Hockey Players Association (PWHPA), underscores her commitment to improving conditions for female athletes. Prevost’s voice and actions contribute significantly to the ongoing dialogue and efforts towards creating a more inclusive and equitable sports environment for women.


Carolyne Prevost’s journey through professional sports, from hockey to CrossFit, coupled with her advocacy for women’s equality, paints the picture of an athlete who is not only focused on personal achievements but also on the broader impact of her actions in the sports world. Her story is one of resilience, versatility, and unwavering commitment to excellence and equity in sports.

Carolyne Prevost benchmarks

Squat: 330 lb
Clean: 230 lb
Deadlift: 400 lb
Fight Gone Bad: 464 reps
Fran: 122 sec
Grace: 77 sec
Max Pull-ups: 50 reps
Snatch: 190 lb

Carolyne Prevost stats

North America East Semifinal 20231574%59Women
Individual Quarterfinal 20237798%5710Women
Open 20233399%132782Women
CrossFit Games 20222342%40Women
CrossFit Atlas Games 2022583%30Women
Individual Quarterfinals 20226698%5279Women
Open 20223499%122177Women
Games 20212732%40Women
CrossFit Atlas Games 2021196%30Women
Occupational Games 2021298%138Women
Individual Quarterfinals 20213499%5936Women
Open 20212699%108644Women
Open 20202699%94157Women
Games 20191290%131Women
Open 20191499%146363Women
East 2018685%40Women
Open 2018399%171976Women
East 20171074%39Women
Open 20175699%159565Women
East 20161853%39Women
Open 201612699%130154Women
East 20152243%39Women
Open 201540699%108764Women
Canada East 20142246%41Women
Open 201417499%52076Women

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