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Brandon Luckett

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Brandon Luckett Height

72 in

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200 lb

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United States

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CrossFit Franco's

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Introduction to Brandon Luckett

Brandon Luckett, a remarkable CrossFit athlete and a medical physicist, has made significant strides in the CrossFit community. His journey from a competitive CrossFit Games participant to a dedicated professional in medical physics exemplifies his diverse talents and dedication.

Early Life and Background of Brandon Luckett

Born in a small town outside of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Luckett was a three-time state champion wrestler in high school, showcasing his athletic prowess early on.

Brandon Luckett’s CrossFit Journey

Luckett’s CrossFit career is marked by his resilience and commitment. Despite a challenging start with injuries, he has competed in the CrossFit Games multiple times, achieving notable rankings. His CrossFit journey began earnestly in 2016, and by 2018, he qualified for the Games, a testament to his hard work and dedication. Luckett is not just an athlete but a team player, having been part of the CrossFit Franco’s Misfits team, demonstrating his versatility and commitment to the sport.

Competitive Achievements of Brandon Luckett

Throughout his career, Luckett has achieved impressive rankings in both individual and team categories. He has been a consistent performer in the CrossFit Open, Quarterfinals, and Games. Notably, his team, CrossFit Franco’s Misfits, secured a commendable position at the Games, showcasing his ability to excel both individually and as part of a team. His perseverance is highlighted by his return to competition after injuries, proving his strength and dedication to the sport.

Personal Life of Brandon Luckett

Apart from his CrossFit career, Luckett is dedicated to his profession as a medical physicist, specializing in how radiation interacts with the human body for cancer treatment and detection. His academic pursuits have not deterred his passion for CrossFit; instead, they have complemented each other, demonstrating his remarkable ability to balance a demanding professional career with high-level athletic training.

Luckett’s journey in CrossFit and his professional life is a compelling story of balance, dedication, and resilience. His achievements in the CrossFit arena, coupled with his significant contributions to medical physics, make him a unique and inspiring figure in both fields.

Brandon Luckett benchmarks

Squat: 415 lb
Clean: 335 lb
Snatch: 275 lb
Deadlift: 485 lb
Fran: 156 s
Helen: 448 s

Brandon Luckett stats

Open 202313899%169449Men
Games 20212732%40Men
CrossFit West Coast Classic 2021583%30Men
Individual Quarterfinals 20216199%8011Men
Open 20214299%137461Men
Games 20202323%30Men
Open 20201399%133874Men
Games 2018369%40Men
South 2018392%40Men
Open 20183299%227562Men
South 2017786%50Men
Open 201713499%214519Men
Open 201650999%178510Men

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