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167 cm

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66 kg

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Introduction to Bilal Tariq

Bilal Tariq is a pioneering figure in the world of CrossFit in Pakistan, making history as the first Pakistani man to compete in the prestigious international CrossFit Games. With a passion for fitness that transcends boundaries, Bilal has been instrumental in promoting the CrossFit culture in his home country, aiming to make a significant difference in people’s lives through fitness.

Early Life and Background

Originally embarking on a career in corporate banking, Tariq found his true calling lay far from the conventional nine-to-five job. His journey into fitness and CrossFit began serendipitously when he stumbled upon CrossFit Equator in Jakarta, where he was immediately hooked by the sport’s intense, performance-driven approach. This experience sparked a deep-seated passion for CrossFit, leading him to pursue it with relentless dedication.

CrossFit Journey

After returning to Karachi from Jakarta, Tariq faced the challenge of introducing a new fitness regime in a conservative society. Despite these challenges, he founded CrossFit BNB, Pakistan’s first affiliated CrossFit box, in 2017. His commitment to the sport and his business was evident as he juggled coaching with a full-time banking job, eventually dedicating himself entirely to his passion for CrossFit.

Competitive Achievements of Bilal Tariq

Bilal’s competitive journey is marked by his participation in the CrossFit Games, representing Pakistan on an international platform. His achievements in the CrossFit Open, where he consistently ranked first in Pakistan from 2016 to 2022, showcase his dedication and skill. Tariq’s participation in the CrossFit Games as the first Pakistani man highlights not only his personal accomplishments but also his role in putting Pakistan on the global CrossFit map.

Personal Life and Philosophy

Bilal Tariq’s philosophy revolves around consistency, dedication, and the transformative power of fitness. He believes in setting realistic goals and staying committed to the process, advice he regularly shares with his clients and followers. His journey from a banker to a CrossFit enthusiast and coach illustrates his belief in following one’s passion against all odds. Tariq continues to inspire and lead by example, encouraging others to break barriers and pursue their fitness goals with unwavering determination.

Bilal Tariq benchmarks

Squat: 159 kg
Clean: 115 kg
Snatch: 88 kg
Deadlift: 190 kg
Fran: 180 s
Grace: 170 s
Helen: 1260 s
Sprint 400m: 75 s
Run 5k: 1260 s
Max Pull-ups: 42 reps

Bilal Tariq stats

Individual Quarterfinals 2022483233%7274Men
Open 2022628295%154815Men
Individual Quarterfinals 2021623222%8011Men
Open 2021700194%137461Men
Open 2020803893%133874Men
Games 20191328%144Men
Open 2019925895%195562Men
Open 20181901991%227562Men
Open 20172931186%214519Men
Open 20164097377%178510Men

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