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Bethany Flores

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Bethany Flores Height

64 in

Bethany Flores Weight

144 lb

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United States

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Early Life and Background of Bethany Flores

Bethany Flores embarked on her athletic journey from a young age, initially dedicating herself to gymnastics for eight years. Her passion for competition and personal growth later led her to explore bodybuilding, where she competed for three years. Not content with mastering just these disciplines, Bethany also challenged herself in endurance and agility by participating in four triathlons, multiple half-marathons, and a handful of obstacle course races, showcasing her versatility and dedication as an athlete.

Bethany Flores’s CrossFit Journey

Beginning her CrossFit career in 2015, Bethany quickly made a name for herself in the local competition scene. Her dedication and talent were evident when she joined Black Magic Training in 2016, under the guidance of Jared Astle and Jenn Jones (Astle). This strategic move accelerated her CrossFit career, leading to significant victories, including winning the Rx division at Wodapalooza in 2017. Bethany’s relentless pursuit of excellence saw her achieving top placements at various competitions, including a notable 8th place at the 2019 CrossFit Games and a 15th place finish at the 2023 CrossFit Games. Her journey is a testament to her resilience, adaptability, and unwavering commitment to the sport of CrossFit.

Competitive Achievements of Bethany Flores

Bethany’s competitive spirit has driven her to remarkable heights in the CrossFit world. Her achievements include a first-place finish at the SouthFit competition in Argentina, which earned her a ticket to the Games, and consistently high placements at the CrossFit Games, with her best performance being an 8th place finish in 2019. Despite facing challenges, including a significant back injury that sidelined her for the 2022 season, Bethany’s comeback in 2023 to secure a 15th place at the Games highlights her resilience and determination to excel at the highest levels of the sport.

Personal Life and Growth of Bethany Flores

Bethany’s journey through CrossFit is not just about her physical achievements but also her personal growth and mental resilience. After facing setbacks due to injuries and the impact of COVID-19 on her training, Bethany embraced a period of reflection and growth, realizing the importance of listening to her body and adapting her training approach for longevity in the sport. Her marriage and the support from her husband have been pivotal in her journey, providing her with the strength and clarity needed to overcome challenges and continue competing. Bethany’s story is one of overcoming adversity, embracing change, and continually striving for personal and professional growth both in and out of the CrossFit gym.

Bethany Flores remains a beacon of inspiration in the CrossFit community, demonstrating that with hard work, adaptability, and the support of loved ones, it is possible to overcome obstacles and achieve greatness.

Bethany Flores benchmarks

Squat: 300 lb
Clean: 220 lb
Deadlift: 355 lb
Grace: 93 sec
Max Pull-ups: 55 reps
Snatch: 191 lb
Sprint 400m: 65 sec

Bethany Flores stats

Games 20231562%40Women
North America West Semifinal 2023591%60Women
Individual Quarterfinal 202322796%5710Women
Open 202381599%132782Women
Individual Quarterfinals 202250823%5279Women
Open 202210799%122177Women
Games 202100%40Women
CrossFit West Coast Classic 2021196%30Women
Individual Quarterfinals 20211699%5936Women
Open 20212199%108644Women
Games 20202033%30Women
Open 20204599%94157Women
Games 2019893%131Women
Open 201911499%146363Women
Games 20181660%40Women
South 2018587%40Women
Open 20188499%171976Women
Games 20172244%40Women
South 2017491%47Women
Open 20172099%159565Women
Open 201662499%130154Women
Open 2015320497%108764Women

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