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[display_age_from_date birthdate="1989-07-29"]

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181 cm

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95 kg

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Introduction to Augustin Vilicnik

Augustin Vilicnik is a celebrated CrossFit athlete from Croatia, known for his dedication, skill, and the inspiring journey in the CrossFit community. His commitment to the sport and his ability to perform at high levels have earned him recognition not just locally but also on international platforms.

Early Life and Background

While specific details about Augustin’s early life are scarce, it’s clear that his passion for fitness and sports has been a driving force from a young age. His academic background in kinesiology provided him with a solid foundation in understanding human movement and physical capabilities, which he has adeptly applied to his CrossFit training and coaching.

Augustin Vilicnik’s CrossFit Journey

Augustin’s CrossFit journey is a testament to his hard work and determination. Starting from his initial steps into the sport, he quickly rose through the ranks to become one of Croatia’s top CrossFit athletes. He trains at HeartRate CrossFit in Zagreb, where he also shares his knowledge and passion for the sport by coaching others. His approach to training includes a combination of strength and endurance workouts, demonstrating the versatility required in CrossFit.

Competitive Achievements of Augustin Vilicnik

Augustin’s competitive track record is impressive. He has participated in numerous CrossFit competitions, including the CrossFit Games, where he has shown remarkable performance. In 2023, he ranked 27th at the Europe Semifinal, showcasing his skills against some of the best athletes in the world. His consistent participation and achievements in the CrossFit Open over the years highlight his dedication and ability to compete at a high level.

Personal Life of Augustin Vilicnik

Outside of his training and competitions, Augustin leads a balanced life filled with activities that complement his CrossFit career. He enjoys spending time in nature, hiking, and being with his dog, underscoring the importance of rest and recovery. Augustin credits his wife, Petra, as his biggest support system, emphasizing the crucial role of a supportive environment in achieving success in sports. His daily routine is meticulously planned, from early morning workouts to coaching and managing his dietary needs, which he considers crucial for his performance.


Augustin Vilicnik’s journey in CrossFit is an inspiring story of passion, dedication, and continuous improvement. From his early days in kinesiology to becoming a prominent figure in Croatia’s CrossFit scene, Augustin exemplifies the spirit of CrossFit. His achievements in competitions and his role as a coach and mentor make him a respected and admired athlete in the CrossFit community.

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