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Arturocesar Mora

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Arturocesar Mora Height

172 cm

Arturocesar Mora Weight

185 lb

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CrossFit Las Colinas

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Early Life and Background of Arturocesar Mora

Arturocesar Mora’s journey into the world of CrossFit and fitness is one that starts from his roots in Nicaragua. With limited information available about his early life, it’s clear that Arturocesar has carved a path for himself through dedication, hard work, and a passion for the sport. Originating from a country not widely known for its CrossFit athletes, he has put Nicaragua on the map within the CrossFit community, showcasing the universal appeal and accessibility of CrossFit as a sport and lifestyle.

Arturocesar Mora’s CrossFit Journey

Arturocesar Mora’s CrossFit journey encapsulates the spirit of determination and continuous improvement. His involvement in the sport has seen him participate in multiple CrossFit Games seasons, demonstrating his skills and commitment to excellence. Notably, his progression through the years reflects his dedication, as seen through his participation in the Open and Quarterfinals, and his remarkable performance in the 2019 CrossFit Games where he finished 131st in the Men’s division.

Competitive Achievements of Arturocesar Mora

Arturocesar Mora’s competitive track record is impressive, with a steady ascent in the CrossFit leaderboard rankings over the years. His achievements include notable rankings in the Open and Individual Quarterfinals, where he has shown significant improvement and consistency. In 2023, he ranked 130th in the North America East Quarterfinals and has consistently been the top athlete from Nicaragua, showcasing his prowess and representing his country with pride. His performance metrics, such as a 355 lb back squat, a 275 lb clean and jerk, and a 2:34 Grace time, highlight his physical capabilities and CrossFit proficiency.

Personal Life of Arturocesar Mora

While much of Arturocesar Mora’s personal life remains private, his public persona reflects a deep commitment to CrossFit and a lifestyle that promotes fitness, health, and resilience. Through his social media presence, Arturocesar shares glimpses of his training regimen, competitions, and moments that capture the essence of his journey in CrossFit. His story is not just about athletic achievements but also about inspiring others within the CrossFit community and beyond, encouraging a dedication to personal health and fitness.

As Arturocesar Mora continues to compete and leave his mark on the CrossFit world, his journey from Nicaragua to the global stage of the CrossFit Games serves as a testament to the sport’s inclusive and diverse community. His achievements and dedication to CrossFit not only highlight his personal accomplishments but also inspire others to pursue their fitness goals with passion and perseverance.

Arturocesar Mora benchmarks

Squat: 355 lb
Clean: 275 lb
Snatch: 215 lb
Deadlift: 415 lb
Fran: 200 s
Grace: 154 s
Filthy 50: 1410 s
Max Pull-ups: 30 reps

Arturocesar Mora stats

Individual Quarterfinal 202350193%7963Men
Open 2023256198%169449Men
Individual Quarterfinals 2022106285%7274Men
Open 2022385697%154815Men
Individual Quarterfinals 2021102587%8011Men
Open 2021173598%137461Men
Open 2020295797%133874Men
Games 20191319%144Men
Open 2019230498%195562Men
Open 2018861696%227562Men

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