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179 cm

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89 kg

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CrossFit CSTL

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Early Life and Background of Ant Haynes

Ant Haynes is a name synonymous with dedication and achievement in the CrossFit world. Half English, half Chinese, Ant was born and raised in Hong Kong, blending a rich cultural heritage with his athletic pursuits. His journey into fitness and sports wasn’t just a leap but a transition that saw him excel from a young age. After pursuing his university education in the UK, Ant returned to Hong Kong to further his career in fitness, eventually co-founding Coastal Fitness Performance Training. His background is not just limited to CrossFit; before diving into the world of intense WODs (Workout of the Day), Ant was an ex-international rugby player, showcasing his versatility and commitment to excelling in sports.

Ant Haynes’s CrossFit Journey

Ant’s transition from rugby to CrossFit wasn’t merely a change of sport but a deep dive into a passion that would define his career. Introduced to CrossFit by a friend, Ant quickly realized this was where he could push his limits further. The sport’s demanding nature, requiring strength, endurance, and agility, resonated with him, compelling him to leave rugby and focus entirely on CrossFit. His dedication saw him becoming not just a participant but a beacon in the CrossFit community, both as a competitor and a coach at Coastal Fitness Performance Training in Hong Kong.

Competitive Achievements of Ant Haynes

Ant Haynes has made significant marks on the CrossFit competitive scene, both regionally and globally. His accomplishments include multiple participations in the CrossFit Games, with notable finishes in 2019 and 2023. Haynes’s competitive spirit shone brightly in 2019 when he qualified as the ‘Fittest in Hong Kong,’ showcasing his exceptional skills and dedication. Beyond the CrossFit Games, Ant has demonstrated his prowess in various competitions, including the Dubai Fitness Championship and the Asia CrossFit Championship, where he has consistently finished strong against some of the best athletes in the world.

Personal Life of Ant Haynes

Outside the gym, Ant Haynes is just as passionate about fitness and well-being. His life in Hong Kong is a blend of coaching, training, and inspiring others in their fitness journeys. Together with his brother Ed Haynes, Ant has been instrumental in building a community around Coastal Fitness, emphasizing not just physical strength but also mental resilience. His personal life, while closely tied to his professional pursuits, reflects his commitment to the CrossFit ethos of community, endurance, and continuous improvement.

Training and Nutrition Philosophy

Ant’s approach to training and nutrition is both rigorous and scientific. Ahead of the CrossFit Games, Ant’s daily routine includes meticulously planned training sessions and a diet that supports his intense physical demands. Working with a nutritionist, he consumes a carefully balanced diet to fuel his performance, highlighting the importance of nutrition in achieving athletic excellence. His training regimen, designed to simulate the challenges of CrossFit competitions, includes a mix of running, gym-based workouts, and recovery strategies to ensure peak performance.

Ant Haynes benchmarks

There are no benchmarks available for this athlete

Ant Haynes stats

Games 20233025%40Men
Asia Semifinal 2023389%29Men
Individual Quarterfinal 202347993%7963Men
Open 202333599%169449Men
Last-Chance Qualifier 20222411%27Men
Far East Throwdown 2022484%26Men
Individual Quarterfinals 202220197%7274Men
Open 202259999%154815Men
CrossFit Asia Invitational 2021970%30Men
Individual Quarterfinals 202128696%8011Men
Open 202180599%137461Men
Open 202028299%133874Men
Games 20192781%144Men
Open 201912399%195562Men
Pacific 20181855%40Men
Open 201826699%227562Men
Pacific 20171660%40Men
Open 201756199%214519Men
Pacific 20161757%40Men
Open 201627699%178510Men
Pacific 20152830%40Men
Open 201548099%153272Men
Asia 20141078%47Men
Open 2014109998%80284Men

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