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Anna Tobias

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Anna Tobias Height

167 cm

Anna Tobias Weight

143 lb

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United States

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T2 CrossFit

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Early Life and Background of Anna Tobias

Anna Tobias, originally known for her incredible achievements in sailing, began her journey in the UK, where she initially did not enjoy the sport. Her family’s move to the USA when she was 12 sparked a growing passion for sailing. It was during this time that she set her sights on winning an Olympic Gold Medal, a dream she would eventually realize. Tobias’s sailing career took off at Old Dominion University, where she clinched 4 national titles, was named a 3-time women’s All American, a 1-time co-ed All American, and Quantum College Sailor of the Year. Her sailing accolades include an Olympic Gold Medal in 2008, ISAF Rolex World Sailor of the Year in 2009 and 2011, and US Sailing’s Rolex Yachtswoman of the Year from 2008 to 2011.

Anna Tobias’s CrossFit Journey

After the 2012 Olympics, Anna Tobias transitioned from her successful sailing career to pursue CrossFit competitively. Alongside competing, she co-owns T2 CrossFit gym with her husband, Brad Tobias, and her parents. Tobias has attended the CrossFit Games six times, achieving five individual appearances with two top 10 overall finishes, and in 2018, she claimed the title of Fittest on Earth in the Masters Athlete category. Her commitment to CrossFit is matched by her passion for coaching and the community, emphasizing the importance of reaching one’s potential through resilience and dedication.

Competitive Achievements of Anna Tobias

Tobias’s CrossFit Games track record is impressive, with her first Masters (35-39) Games win in 2018 followed by a repeat victory in 2019. Her journey through the CrossFit Games has shown remarkable consistency and skill, including top 10 finishes in the open and regional competitions across several years. Additionally, her previous victories in sailing, such as winning the Olympic gold medal and multiple World Championships, underscore her versatile athletic prowess.

Personal Life of Anna Tobias

Anna Tobias married Brad Tobias, her longtime CrossFit coach, on August 27, 2016. Together, they share a life built around their passion for CrossFit, both as competitors and gym owners. Their gym, T2 CrossFit in Pittsburgh, PA, is a testament to their dedication to the sport and the community they’ve built around it.

Anna Tobias benchmarks

Fran: 133 s
Run 5k: 1170 s

Anna Tobias stats

Open 202297299%122177Women
Open 202133399%108644Women
Online Qualifier 2020995%200Women (35-39)
Open 202015999%94157Women
Games 2019190%10Women (35-39)
Online Qualifier 2019697%200Women (35-39)
Open 20191099%27202Women (35-39)
Games 2018194%19Women (35-39)
Online Qualifier 2018199%200Women (35-39)
Open 2018699%30914Women (35-39)
Games 20172537%40Women
Atlantic 2017587%40Women
Open 201711799%159565Women
Games 20161075%40Women
Atlantic 2016294%39Women
Open 20165699%130154Women
Games 20152244%40Women
Atlantic 2015391%37Women
Open 20153599%108764Women
Games 20142248%43Women
Mid Atlantic 2014390%31Women
Open 20141199%52076Women
Games 2013979%44Women
South East 2013295%40Women
Open 201310199%32643Women
Open 201212599%14217Women

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