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170 cm

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69 kg

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Introduction to Anastassia Psenitsnaja

Anastassia Psenitsnaja is a celebrated CrossFit athlete from Estonia, known for her dedication, resilience, and achievements in the sport. With a background in sprint canoeing and a transition through bikini fitness, Anastassia has made a significant mark in the CrossFit community, demonstrating her versatility and commitment to excellence in every aspect of her athletic career.

Early Life and Background of Anastassia Psenitsnaja

Born and raised in Narva, Estonia, Anastassia embarked on her sports journey at a tender age with sprint canoeing, achieving remarkable success as a 38-time Estonian national champion and securing a top 10 finish in World and European championships. Her athletic prowess was evident early on, setting the stage for a diverse and successful sports career.

Anastassia Psenitsnaja’s CrossFit Journey

Transitioning to CrossFit just a few years ago, Anastassia quickly fell in love with the sport’s challenges and the varied skills it demands. Her training regimen at Tallinn CrossFit, under the guidance of coaches Priit Meier and Rasmus Zarubin, showcases her dedication to mastering the discipline, training 5-6 times a week and even more during the summer season. Anastassia’s approach to CrossFit is holistic, emphasizing strength in all areas, from swimming and running to lifting and gymnastics, aiming to excel in the global CrossFit arena.

Competitive Achievements of Anastassia Psenitsnaja

Anastassia’s competitive spirit has driven her to remarkable heights in the CrossFit world. Notably, she was crowned the Fittest in Estonia in 2018 and clinched the title at the Battle of Riga the same year. Her participation in the 2019 CrossFit Games further underscored her elite status, where she proudly represented Estonia. Anastassia’s journey through competitive CrossFit is marked by her continuous strive for improvement, a testament to her commitment to the sport and her community.

Personal Life of Anastassia Psenitsnaja

Outside the gym, Anastassia is a devoted mother, a nurse by profession, and an enthusiastic participant in life’s adventures. Her balance of professional responsibilities, family life, and athletic endeavors exemplifies her remarkable ability to excel across different spheres of life. Anastassia’s journey from a young athlete in canoeing to a beacon of excellence in CrossFit is a powerful narrative of determination, adaptability, and the relentless pursuit of goals.

Anastassia Psenitsnaja’s story is not just about athletic achievements; it’s about the spirit of the CrossFit community, the joy of competing with a smile, and the relentless pursuit of being better than yesterday. Her journey continues to inspire athletes and fitness enthusiasts around the world.

Anastassia Psenitsnaja benchmarks

Squat: 120 kg
Clean: 70 kg
Snatch: 54 kg
Deadlift: 135 kg
Filthy 50: 961 s
Sprint 400m: 94 s
Max Pull-ups: 20 reps

Anastassia Psenitsnaja stats

Games 20198535%131Women
Open 2019160698%146363Women
Open 2018762095%171976Women

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