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Amal Alshahrani

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Amal Alshahrani Height

165 cm

Amal Alshahrani Weight

68 kg

Amal Alshahrani Country

Saudi Arabia

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Introduction to Amal Alshahrani

Amal Alshahrani is a trailblazing CrossFit athlete from Saudi Arabia, marking her presence on the global stage with her exceptional dedication and performances. As a co-founder of CrossFit Alkhobar, she aims to measure and enhance fitness progression not only for herself but for her future athletes as well.

Early Life and Background of Amal Alshahrani

Amal embarked on her CrossFit journey in 2013, drawn by the sport’s unique physical and mental challenges. Over the years, she has become a symbol of empowerment and capability, showcasing the remarkable achievements one can attain through dedication and hard work.

Amal Alshahrani’s CrossFit Journey

From focusing on general fitness preparation to stepping into the competitive arena, Amal’s CrossFit journey is a testament to her growth and determination. Within seven years, she transitioned from general fitness to competitive training, making significant strides in her performance and ranking. Amal has expressed her love for CrossFit, citing its variety and the empowerment it brings as key factors that keep her motivated.

Competitive Achievements of Amal Alshahrani

Amal’s competitive timeline showcases her remarkable journey from a rank of 115,773rd in 2017 to achieving 1st place in Saudi Arabia by 2019 and 2020, and a significant global ranking improvement. Her achievements in the CrossFit Open and Games highlight her prowess and dedication to the sport. Notably, she achieved a 117th rank in the Women’s division at the 2019 CrossFit Games, alongside impressive improvements in her worldwide and regional ranks over the years.

Personal Life and Influence

Amal aims to inspire and bring CrossFit to Saudi women, relating the sport to their daily functions and longevity. Her philosophy extends beyond the gym, as she seeks to make a positive impact on the physical fitness and empowerment of women in her community. Her work with Dr. Mariam Tashkandi, a nutritionist and healthcare professional, also underscores the holistic approach Amal takes towards fitness, emphasizing the importance of nutrition and well-being alongside physical training. Furthermore, her association with Born Primitive’s “Modest Edit” collection highlights her influence in promoting fitness and sports apparel for women in the Middle East, catering to the needs of covered athletes and fostering an inclusive environment for all.

Amal Alshahrani benchmarks

Squat: 250 lb
Clean: 175 lb
Snatch: 135 lb
Deadlift: 300 lb
Fran: 330 s
Grace: 88 s
Helen: 840 s
Sprint 400m: 110 s
Run 5k: 1560 s
Max Pull-ups: 11 reps

Amal Alshahrani stats

Individual Quarterfinals 2021366838%5936Women
Open 2021635194%108644Women
Open 202075695%17792Women (35-39)
Games 201911710%131Women
Open 2019733894%146363Women
Open 20182451085%171976Women
Open 201711577327%159565Women

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