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71 in

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205 lb

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Early Life and Background of Alex Vigneault

Alex Vigneault emerged as a prominent figure in the CrossFit community from Canada, marking his competitive debut at the Canada East Regionals in 2014. Despite facing disappointment early in his career, Vigneault’s determination only grew stronger. Balancing his athletic pursuits with academic ones, he embarked on studies to become a police officer in 2015, allowing him more time to dedicate to training and achieving his goal of qualifying for the CrossFit Games.

Alex Vigneault’s CrossFit Journey

Vigneault’s journey through the ranks of CrossFit is a testament to his perseverance and skill. Beginning his CrossFit Games career with a notable performance in 2015, he has consistently showcased his abilities at both the regional and international levels. Overcoming setbacks including injuries and illness, Vigneault’s commitment to his training and competition has seen him achieve remarkable standings in the worldwide CrossFit Open, regionals, and the prestigious CrossFit Games.

Competitive Achievements of Alex Vigneault

Throughout his career, Alex Vigneault has compiled an impressive list of achievements. His performance history demonstrates a trajectory of improvement and success, with highlights including top placements in the CrossFit Open, exceptional performances in regionals, and commendable finishes at the CrossFit Games across several years. Notably, his performances have earned him a place among the top athletes in the sport, with standout results such as a top-ten finish at the CrossFit Games.

Personal Life of Alex Vigneault

Off the competition floor, Vigneault’s life is equally as busy and fulfilling. His dedication extends beyond CrossFit, as he has pursued a career in law enforcement, graduating from college and completing an internship to become a police officer. Balancing his professional responsibilities with his training, Vigneault has also navigated significant personal milestones, including moving a considerable distance for his job and welcoming a child with his partner. These experiences have shaped Vigneault not just as an athlete, but as a person, demonstrating his resilience and adaptability.

Vigneault’s story is one of relentless pursuit of excellence, both in his professional career and in his CrossFit endeavors. Despite facing challenges, his journey reflects a constant strive for improvement, making him a notable athlete within the CrossFit community.

Alex Vigneault benchmarks

Squat: 465 lb
Clean: 360 lb
Deadlift: 615 lb
Fight Gone Bad: 457 reps
Filthy 50: 894 sec
Fran: 134 sec
Grace: 71 sec
Helen: 432 sec
Max Pull-ups: 72 reps
Run 5k: 1135 sec
Snatch: 300 lb
Sprint 400m: 54 sec

Alex Vigneault stats

Games 20233512%40Men
North America East Semifinal 2023985%60Men
Individual Quarterfinal 202321997%7963Men
Open 202360299%169449Men
CrossFit Games 20222537%40Men
CrossFit Atlas Games 2022485%27Men
Individual Quarterfinals 20226499%7274Men
Open 20221799%154815Men
Games 2021880%40Men
CrossFit Atlas Games 2021390%31Men
Individual Quarterfinals 20211699%8011Men
Open 202111899%137461Men
Open 202011299%133874Men
Games 20192582%144Men
Open 20192599%195562Men
East 20182537%40Men
Open 2018299%227562Men
East 2017400%40Men
Open 2017399%214519Men
Games 2016977%40Men
East 2016587%40Men
Open 20161499%178510Men
Games 20151172%40Men
East 2015295%40Men
Open 20151999%153272Men
Canada East 2014393%48Men
Open 201410399%80284Men

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