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Aleksandar Ilin

Aleksandar Ilin Age


Aleksandar Ilin Height

175 cm

Aleksandar Ilin Weight

87 kg

Aleksandar Ilin Country

Russian Federation

Aleksandar Ilin Croosfit box

CrossFit IceBox

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Early Life and Background of Aleksandar Ilin

Unfortunately, specific details regarding the early life and background of Aleksandar Ilin, including his upbringing and initial foray into fitness and CrossFit, are not widely available in public records or through online sources.

Aleksandar Ilin’s CrossFit Journey

Aleksandar Ilin’s journey in the world of CrossFit is marked by notable performances and rapid progress. His participation in various CrossFit competitions has seen a steady climb in rankings and performance. For instance, his rankings in the CrossFit Open have shown significant improvement over the years, starting from 94th in 2018 and reaching 21st worldwide in 2022. Ilin has also demonstrated his prowess in the Individual Quarterfinals, notably ranking 2nd in the Men’s division in Asia in 2022. His participation in the Regional competitions, such as placing 25th in Europe in 2018, and his impressive 2nd place finish in the CrossFit Asia Invitational in 2021 highlight his athletic growth.

Competitive Achievements of Aleksandar Ilin

Aleksandar Ilin has achieved notable success in his CrossFit career. He marked his presence in the CrossFit Games, securing 38th position in 2021 and 55th in 2019. These appearances at the Games are a testament to his skill and dedication. Additionally, Ilin’s performance in the CrossFit Asia Invitational is particularly commendable. He won the first two events in one of the days of competition, showcasing his strength and versatility as an athlete. Despite a 15th-place finish in Event 3, he bounced back remarkably to take second place in Event 4, underlining his resilience and competitive spirit.

Aleksandar Ilin’s Personal Life

Details about Aleksandar Ilin’s personal life, including his hobbies, interests, and personal anecdotes, are not prominently featured in public records or online sources. As a CrossFit athlete, his focus and dedication to the sport are clearly evident from his competitive records and participation in various events.

Aleksandar Ilin and CrossFit Mayhem

Aleksandar Ilin is also known for his association with CrossFit Mayhem. Mayhem, known for its powerhouse status in the CrossFit community, has attracted numerous elite athletes. Ilin’s inclusion in this group speaks volumes about his skills and potential in the sport. Being part of such an elite training center, under the banner of Mayhem Athlete, aligns him with some of the best in the field and is a clear indicator of his standing and future prospects in the competitive CrossFit landscape.

Aleksandar Ilin benchmarks

Squat: 185 kg
Snatch: 120 kg
Deadlift: 230 kg
Fran: 135 s
Grace: 90 s
Sprint 400m: 58 s
Run 5k: 1300 s

Aleksandar Ilin stats

Far East Throwdown 2022869%26Men
Individual Quarterfinals 20225899%7274Men
Open 20222199%154815Men
Games 2021385%40Men
CrossFit Asia Invitational 2021293%30Men
Individual Quarterfinals 20214999%8011Men
Open 20212799%137461Men
Games 20195561%144Men
Open 20194699%195562Men
Europe 20182537%40Men
Open 20189499%227562Men

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