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68 in

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148 lb

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United States

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Introduction to Alea Helmick

Alea Helmick is a prominent figure in the CrossFit community, known for her competitive spirit and dedication to fitness. As a former collegiate track-and-field athlete turned CrossFit competitor, Alea has made significant strides in the sport, marking her presence with notable performances in the CrossFit Games and regional competitions. Alongside her husband, Gary Helmick, she co-owns CrossFit Revamped in Columbia, Maryland, balancing her passion for fitness with a career in education.

Early Life and Background

Before embarking on her CrossFit journey, Alea Helmick was a Division I track and field athlete at Towson University, where she held records in the 100-meter hurdles. Graduating in late 2009, she initially focused on her career as a teacher, which consumed much of her time and energy. Her fitness routine lacked structure until she was introduced to CrossFit by her husband, Gary, a former minor league baseball player turned CrossFitter.

CrossFit Journey of Alea Helmick

Alea’s CrossFit journey began in earnest after attending the 2012 Mid Atlantic Regional as spectators. Inspired by the athletes and the community, she started training at CrossFit Revamped, the affiliate her husband opened. Initially hesitant, Alea quickly embraced the CrossFit methodology, incorporating both strength training and metabolic conditioning into her routine. Her competitive nature drove her to rapidly improve, leading to her debut in the CrossFit Games within just a few years of starting the sport.

Competitive Achievements of Alea Helmick

Alea Helmick made her CrossFit Games debut in 2016, securing a 26th place finish with four top-10 event finishes, including a second-place finish in the Suicide Sprint. Prior to this, she had been a consistent top-10 Atlantic and Mid Atlantic Regional athlete since her first regional appearance in 2013. Alea’s accomplishments extend beyond individual competitions, as she and her husband became the first married couple to qualify for the individual competition at the Games in 2016. Her performances at the Open and Regional competitions demonstrate her growth and prowess as a CrossFit athlete.

Personal Life of Alea Helmick

Alea Helmick’s life outside of CrossFit competitions is equally as compelling. She is a dedicated educator, holding a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from Towson University and a Master’s degree in Administration and Supervision for Changing Populations from Notre Dame University of Maryland. Alea balances her professional life as a second-grade teacher with her role as a fitness coach and gym owner. Her passion for fitness is not just limited to personal achievements but extends to fostering a supportive and encouraging environment at CrossFit Revamped.

Alea Helmick benchmarks

Squat: 305 lb
Clean: 225 lb
Deadlift: 340 lb
Fight Gone Bad: 460 reps
Fran: 145 sec
Grace: 118 sec
Max Pull-ups: 50 reps
Snatch: 185 lb

Alea Helmick stats

Open 20179099%159565Women
Games 20162635%40Women
Atlantic 2016587%39Women
Open 20162999%130154Women
Atlantic 2015781%37Women
Open 20154199%108764Women
Mid Atlantic 2014583%31Women
Open 2014899%52076Women
Mid Atlantic 2013489%39Women
Open 20138299%32643Women

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