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Adrian Mundwiler

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172 cm

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86 kg

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C23 CrossFit

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Early Life and Background of Adrian Mundwiler

Born in Switzerland, Adrian Mundwiler, also known as Mundi or The Mountain Man, began his athletic career as a successful hockey player. His introduction to CrossFit occurred during a summer break from hockey, and it was this experience that ignited his passion for the sport, leading to a significant shift in his athletic focus.

Adrian Mundwiler’s CrossFit Journey

Adrian Mundwiler’s entry into the world of CrossFit was nothing short of remarkable. Displaying a natural talent for the sport, he managed to qualify for the CrossFit Games on his first attempt. His performance in the Open and Regionals showcased his potential as a super talent in the CrossFit community. Mundwiler’s dedication to training and competing is evident from his journey from a hockey player to a celebrated CrossFit athlete.

Competitive Achievements of Adrian Mundwiler

Adrian Mundwiler has an impressive track record in CrossFit competitions. He was the 2019 National Champion of Switzerland and achieved an 8th place finish at the 2019 CrossFit Games. His participation in various seasons of the CrossFit Games, including 2016, 2018, and 2019, highlights his consistency and dedication to the sport. Despite a withdrawal from the 2021 CrossFit Games, his competitive spirit remains undiminished.

Personal Life of Adrian Mundwiler

Outside the arena of CrossFit, Adrian Mundwiler maintains a balance between his intense training schedules and personal life. His background as a hockey player reflects his athletic versatility and his transition to CrossFit showcases his adaptability and commitment to excel in whatever sport he pursues. Mundwiler’s journey is a testament to the idea that with dedication and hard work, transitioning between sports and achieving excellence is indeed possible.

Adrian Mundwiler benchmarks

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Adrian Mundwiler stats

Open 202370799%169449Men
CrossFit Lowlands Throwdown 2022776%30Men
Individual Quarterfinals 20225499%7274Men
Open 202228599%154815Men
Games 20213512%40Men
CrossFit Lowlands Throwdown 2021293%30Men
Individual Quarterfinals 202112698%8011Men
Open 202126699%137461Men
Open 20206131454%133874Men
Games 2019894%144Men
Open 20195499%195562Men
Games 20181660%40Men
Europe 2018295%40Men
Open 201814899%227562Men
Meridian 20173317%40Men
Open 20178799%214519Men
Games 20163415%40Men
Meridian 2016490%40Men
Open 20164299%178510Men

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