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Abigail Domit

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67 in

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147 lb

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United States

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Lone Star CrossFit

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Introduction to Abigail Domit

Abigail Domit, affectionately known as Abbie, is a name that resonates with energy, determination, and remarkable growth in the CrossFit community. With a background that beautifully transitions from modeling to embracing the strength and empowerment of CrossFit, Abbie has not only changed her perspective on body image and strength but has also rapidly ascended the competitive ladder, making her presence known on the CrossFit stage.

Early Life and Background

Abbie’s journey into athleticism began long before CrossFit entered her life. With a passion for cheerleading and track during her high school years, she showcased her athletic prowess early on. However, after moving to Texas, cheerleading became her sole focus, ultimately leading to a pivotal change due to injuries. This setback, though, opened the door to a modeling career where she embraced her physique, leading her to find solace and confidence in her body image long before her CrossFit journey began.

Abigail Domit’s CrossFit Journey

Abbie’s introduction to CrossFit in 2020, spurred by her then-boyfriend, now husband, marked the beginning of an unwavering passion for the sport. Starting her CrossFit journey at CrossFit Lethal in San Antonio, she quickly found herself hooked, driven by the community’s camaraderie and the sport’s challenging nature. This was a significant shift from her previous lifestyle, yet she adapted swiftly, owing to her innate athleticism and determination.

Competitive Achievements of Abigail Domit

Abbie’s competitive timeline in CrossFit is nothing short of impressive. Making it to the NOBULL CrossFit Games as a rookie, she placed 26th worldwide in 2023, an incredible feat given her recent start in the sport. Her performance at the North America West Semifinals, where she finished eighth, underscored her potential and tenacity. Domit’s rapid progression through the ranks from her Open performances to the Games highlights her relentless pursuit of excellence.

Personal Life and Training Philosophy

Off the competitive floor, Abbie’s life is a testament to her resilience and adventurous spirit. From overcoming injuries in cheerleading to navigating the challenges of a modeling career, she has consistently demonstrated a knack for turning obstacles into stepping stones. Her training philosophy, rooted in the joy of competition and the support of the CrossFit community, fuels her relentless drive. Abbie’s story is not just about athletic achievement; it’s a narrative of personal growth, community, and the unyielding belief in oneself.


Abigail Domit’s journey from a high school athlete to a competitive CrossFit athlete is a powerful narrative of transformation, resilience, and achievement. Her story is a beacon for anyone looking to redefine their limits and pursue their passions with heart and grit. As Abbie continues to push the boundaries of her capabilities, she remains a formidable force in the CrossFit community, inspiring many with her dedication, strength, and spirit.

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Abigail Domit stats

Games 20232635%40Women
North America West Semifinal 2023886%60Women
Individual Quarterfinal 202311498%5710Women
Open 20231399%132782Women
Syndicate Crown 20221644%29Women
Individual Quarterfinals 202218596%5279Women
Open 202240899%122177Women
Individual Quarterfinals 202156590%5936Women
Open 202148599%108644Women

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